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100 Floors Escape Level 21-30 Walkthrough

Are you looking for a walkthrough for the new great game 100 Floors Escape level 21-30 for iPhone, iPad and Android? Then check this out.
We completed the levels, and are now ready to share 100 Floors Escape level 21-30 solutions with you!
100 Floors Escape Level 21 Walkthrough
1. Click the shapes in the same order as shown above the door.
2. This means:
– Square
– Circle
– Upwards triangle
– Downwards triangle
– Circle
– Square
100 Floors Escape Level 22 Walkthrough
1. Press the buttons on and off in this combination:
– Row 1: off – on
– Row 2: on – on
– Row 3: off – on
– Row 4: off – on
100 Floors Escape Level 23 Walkthrough
1. Get the screw and the screwdriver from the floor.
2. Place the screw on the button to the right and use the screwdriver on it.
3. Press the button to open the door.
100 Floors Escape Level 24 Walkthrough
1. Move the building to the right flag.
2. Do it like this:
– Taj Mahal: India
– Statue of Liberty: USA
– Big Ben: United Kingdoms
– Colosseum: Italy
– Eiffel Tower: France
– Pyramid: Egypt
100 Floors Escape Level 25 Walkthrough
1. You need to change the symbols on the door to match the symbols on the sides of the door. Click them to change them.
2. So for the first row there should be a “Y” an “M” and a “Wave”. And so on down the line.
100 Floors Escape Level 26 Walkthrough
1. Here you need to count how many pieces there is in each symbol.
2. When done change the “0” on the door to match that number of pieces.
3. Should be:
1st row: 8 , 3
2nd row: 2 , 4
3rd row: 4 , 8
4th row: 4 , 4
100 Floors Escape Level 27 Walkthrough
1. Rotate your device upside down, until the key hits the hook on the top.
2. Use the key on the door.
3. Done.
100 Floors Escape Level 28 Walkthrough
1. Pick up the knife on the left side.
2. Use it and swipe around the screen to clear the door of leafs.
3. Now tap the white light bulbs the same amount of times as shown by the lines on the door.
– Right bulb 3 times
– Left bulb 3 times
– Right bulb 2 times
– Left bulb 2 times
– Right bulb 1 time
100 Floors Escape Level 29 Walkthrough
1. Press the blue symbols on the right side in this order:
– Club, Diamond, Heart, Spade
2. Now press the red symbols on the left side in this order:
– Club, Spade, Diamond, Heart
100 Floors Escape Level 30 Walkthrough
1. Press the elevator button repeatedly until the door opens (check the “bar” at the top to check how far you are – it should go from left to right.