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100 Floors Escape Level 31-40 Walkthrough

Are you looking for a walkthrough for the new great game 100 Floors Escape level 31-40 for iPhone, iPad and Android? Then check this out.
We completed the levels, and are now ready to share 100 Floors Escape level 31-40 solutions with you!
100 Floors Escape Level 31 Walkthrough
1. Shake your device from left to right to break the boards in the corner.
2. Slide the mirror on the ground into the light beam.
Press the code on the wall on the control panel on the door: 7589.
100 Floors Escape Level 32 Walkthrough
1. Shake your device from left to right to get the keys down.
2. Put the colored keys into the corresponding colored squares in this order:
– Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Blue, Purple (note that this is the same color order as in a rainbow)
100 Floors Escape Level 33 Walkthrough
1. Check the burger on the right and create the burger with the ingredients starting from the bottom to the top.
2. Like this: Bottom bun, lettuce, onion, cheese, meat, ketchup, top bun
100 Floors Escape Level 34 Walkthrough
1. Watch how many times each letter rotates.
2. Then click the circles to change the number in this order: 8657
100 Floors Escape Level 35 Walkthrough
1. You need to finish the puzzle by clicking on the arrows.
2. Keep in mind that the buttons changes place.
3. The puzzle needs to show a image of the world map with europe in the middle.
100 Floors Escape Level 36 Walkthrough
1. Turn on the same switches as the light bulbs that are on.
2. Turn on on the top row: far left and far right.
3. Turn on, on the bottom row: Turn both on.
100 Floors Escape Level 37 Walkthrough
1. Watch the numbers carefully and memorize their position.
2. Now press them and place them in the same order.
100 Floors Escape Level 38 Walkthrough
1. Turn each hat and heart to be turned the same direction as the number next to it.
2. Do it in the order from 1-8
1 = Heart = press 3 times
2 = Heart = press 1 time
3 = Hat = press 3 times
4 = Hat = press 3 times
5 = Heart = press 2 times
6 = Heart = press 1 time
7 = Hat = press 2 times
8 = Hat = press 1 time
100 Floors Escape Level 39 Walkthrough
1. Press the axe to use it on the chains.
2. Flip your device upside down to stop the gears from moving.
3. Now press the elevator button on the right side of the door.
100 Floors Escape Level 40 Walkthrough
1. This on can be a little tricky, but yet quite simple, you need to press all 5 lights so they are lit up at the same time.