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100 Floors Escape Level 41-50 Walkthrough

Are you looking for a walkthrough for the new great game 100 Floors Escape level 41-50 for iPhone, iPad and Android? Then check this out.
We completed the levels, and are now ready to share 100 Floors Escape level 41-50 solutions with you!
100 Floors Escape Level 41 Walkthrough
1. There are 6 faces on the door and a sign next to each face.
2. In the bottom centre you will find a hand. This hand will change color as you tap it.
3. What you want to do, is to tap the hand until it’s the same color as one of the faces backgrounds.
4. Once done tap the icon next to the face to be the same shape as eyes on that face.
5. Repeat with the rest of them in the same manner.
The door will open once all eyes are correct.
100 Floors Escape Level 42 Walkthrough
1. Shake your device to make the trophies fall to the ground.
2. Now what you want to do is move the boxes with numbers into the right position.
3. 1 in the middle, 2 on the left of that, and 3 to the right of the first one.
4. When positioned correctly they will lock in place.
5. Now move the trophies to the right box. Gold = 1, Silver = 2, Bronze = 3.
100 Floors Escape Level 43 Walkthrough
1. Shake your device to make the man laugh.
2. Pull the red lever on the left of the screen.
3. When done quickly tap all the stars.
4. If tapped quickly enough the door will open.
5. If not, start from step 1 again.
100 Floors Escape Level 44 Walkthrough
1. You’ll see some shadows on the side of the door and a veggie on the door.
2. You have to click the shadow that matches the vegetable/fruit that appears on the door.
3. You’ll see a green lamp going on if done correctly.
4. Repeat for all 8 shadows to open the door.
5. If you miss-click or are to slow, you’ll need to start over.
100 Floors Escape Level 45 Walkthrough
1. First of here’s an explanation of the different “buttons” you’ll see on the door.
If the arrow have 1 stripe you’ll need to jump over 1 button. 2 Stripes you’ll need to jump 2 buttons. No stripes = don’t jump any buttons.
To make this easier to explain we’re gonna name the buttons in this order:
Rows (top to bottom) = 1 (top), 2, 3, 4 (bottom)
Columns (left to right) = A (left), B, C (Right)
2. Now what you want to do is to start at the “button” next to the number 1 in the top left corner (A1)
3. Now click them in this order: A1, C3, C4, B4, A2, B2, B3 (the spiral)
100 Floors Escape Level 46 Walkthrough
1. At the top of the screen you’ll see colored lamps.
2. Below them there’s colored files.
3. What you want to do is to put the files in the box in the same order as the lights on top.
4. Purple –> Orange –> Yellow –> Teal/Blue –> Green –> Red
5. If anyone of you have a hard time seeing colors I’ll tell it again just with numbers (1 through 6)
6. 4 –> 6 –> 1 –> 3 –> 2 –> 5
100 Floors Escape Level 47 Walkthrough
1. You’ll simply need to build an Oscar statue with the “puzzle” pieces you can see in the level.
2. When the pieces are placed correctly you’ll find that they lock in place.
3. When created a silver key will reveal itself, use that on the door.
100 Floors Escape Level 48 Walkthrough
1. Here we’re gonna mix colors to get new colors! (sort of)
2. You’ll see on the door theres some numbers with different backgrounds and in the front there’s some wheels in different colors.
3. We want to mix the colors of the wheels to fit those on the door starting with number 1 and working our way to number 6.
4. Yellow + Blue = Green, Blue + Red = Purple , Yellow + Red = Orange
5. Once you mixed the right color click the spanner on the left of the door (it will turn into a check mark if done correctly).
6. Below is the order you need to do it in.
1: Yellow + Blue –> Spanner
2: Blue + Red –> Spanner
3: Yellow + Red –> Spanner
4: Yellow + Red –> Spanner
5: Blue + Red –> Spanner
6: Yellow + Blue –> Spanner
100 Floors Escape Level 49 Walkthrough
1. Here you can either tap the first note to move it to the position of the 4th note. Or click the 4th one and make that go to the 2nd position (from left to right)
2. Click them like this to complete the level: (1 = Click the first note, 5 = Click the last note)
5, 5, 5, 1, 1, 1, 1, 5, 5
100 Floors Escape Level 50 Walkthrough
1. A good idea is to either turn on vibration or sound when completing this level.
2. Now tilt your device upside down and you’ll see a red 4 and 9 (upside down)
3. There’s 10 and 13 dots in these numbers.
4. Turn back your device and click 1013 on the door.
5. When you hit the number correctly you’ll hear a sound or feel the vibration.