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100 Floors Escape Level 51-60 Walkthrough

Are you looking for a walkthrough for the new great game 100 Floors Escape level 51-60 for iPhone, iPad and Android? Then check this out.
We completed the levels, and are now ready to share 100 Floors Escape level 51-60 solutions with you!
100 Floors Escape Level 51 Walkthrough
1. Here you’ll need to complete the image of a basketball court.
2. Simply tap one of the puzzle pieces to slide them into one of the “empty spaces”.
100 Floors Escape Level 52 Walkthrough
1. Here what you want to do is to create the same pattern of diamonds on the door as the one that can be seen on the floor (notice the one on the floor has been turned 90 degrees).
2. To move them around, simply click them.
3. The order, clockwise, should be red (bottom left), blue, purple, green, yellow, teal/cyan.
100 Floors Escape Level 53 Walkthrough
1. This one can be a bit tricky.
2. Start by giving your device a shake.
3. Now quickly drag the X’s into the hole in the center.
4. If done quickly enough, the door will open, if not, try again.
100 Floors Escape Level 54 Walkthrough
1. On the door you’ll see 4 “0”‘s and some “equation” below them.
2. 4 x 90 degrees is a square. There’s 3 squares, so click the “0” above that until it says “3” instead.
3. 6 x 120 degrees is a hexagon. There’s 6 of them.
4. 0 degrees is a circle. 1 of them.
5. 60 degrees x 3 is a triangle. There’s 4 of them.
6. So to sum it up, put these numbers into the door (from top left moving right) = 3, 6, 1, 4
100 Floors Escape Level 55 Walkthrough
1. Here you’ll need to solve the puzzle by clicking the circle and triangle on the side of the door the right amount of times.
2. On the door you’ll see number (1-9) and an amount of triangles and circles next to each of these numbers.
3. We need to enter the combination 1977, so we will have to find out how many circles/triangles these numbers are made of.
4. 1 = 6 circles. 9 = 4 triangles and 2 circles. 7 = 6 triangles.
5. So to complete the level you’ll need to click the circle and triangle in this order: (make sure you see the symbols zoom in and out, to make sure the click is registered by the game)
– Circle x 6 (1)
– Triangle x 4 + Circle x 2 (9)
– Triangle x 6 (7)
– Triangle x 6 (7)
100 Floors Escape Level 56 Walkthrough
1. Shake your device, and you’ll see an X behind the painting.
2. Create that same X on the door by clicking on the squares.
3. It should be an “X” but in the middle there should be 4 circles next to each other (as a square)
100 Floors Escape Level 57 Walkthrough
1. Here you’ll need to click the circles on the door to make the top ring white and the 3rd from the top white.
2. Once done the door will open.
100 Floors Escape Level 58 Walkthrough
1. Click the squares in this order:
– 1st row (left line): Click the 2nd and 5th square.
– 2nd row: Click the 4th one
– 3rd row: Click number 1 and 6
– 4th row: Number 3.
100 Floors Escape Level 59 Walkthrough
1. Pick up the red broom, and swipe the floor to remove the dirt.
2. Now click the symbols on the door this amount of times:
– Top left: Tap 2 times
– Top right: Don’t tap.
– Bottom left: Tap 1 time
– Bottom right: Tap 3 times.
100 Floors Escape Level 60 Walkthrough
1. Pick up the red cloth on the floor and wipe the images on the sides of the door (if done correctly you’ll see the images changing).
2. Now shake your device to make the white ball fall down.
3. Roll the ball to hit the lines on the floor in this order:
– Green, red, green, red, green