100 Pics – C is for? – Level 1-25 Answers

100 Pics Answers
Are you looking for a guide with the first 25 levels of the level pack C is for? in the game 100 pics?
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Level 1: Cat
Level 2: Cheese
Level 3: Cab
Level 4: Camera
Level 5: Cut
Level 6: Crawl
Level 7: Catch
Level 8: Camp
Level 9: Core
Level 10: Cowboy
Level 11: Chili
Level 12: Chalk
Level 13: Candle
Level 14: Class
Level 15: Chocolate
Level 16: Chopsticks
Level 17: Cry
Level 18: Cappuccino
Level 19: Camel
Level 20: Canada
Level 21: Cactus
Level 22: Christmas
Level 23: Cartwheel
Level 24: Compass
Level 25: Claw