100 Pics – C is for? – Level 76-100 Answers

100 Pics Answers
Looking for a guide containing the solutions and answers for the last 25 levels of the game 100 Pics and the level pack C is for?
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Level 76: Catapult
Level 77: Carafe
Level 78: Cluster
Level 79: Commando
Level 80: Chevrons
Level 81: Capsize
Level 82: Cul-de-sac
Level 83: Chestnut
Level 84: Canyon
Level 85: Coniferous
Level 86: Crochet
Level 87: Cringe
Level 88: Carob
Level 89: Chintz
Level 90: Cultivator
Level 91: Chieftain
Level 92: Cameroon
Level 93: Cleats
Level 94: Coati
Level 95: Cornered
Level 96: Chamois
Level 97: Crankshaft
Level 98: Cirrus Clouds
Level 99: Chain-link
Level 100: Crevasse