100 Pics – Colours – Level 26-50 Answers

100 Pics Answers
Are you looking for a guide for level 26-50 of the level pack “Colours” in the game 100 Pics?
This is the place to look. We completed this next batch of levels and below you’ll find all our answers.
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Level 26 Answer: Burgundy
Level 27 Answer: Peach
Level 28 Answer: Plum
Level 29 Answer: Bubble Gum
Level 30 Answer: Khaki
Level 31 Answer: Apricot
Level 32 Answer: Lilac
Level 33 Answer: Crimson
Level 34 Answer: Sand
Level 35 Answer: Lime
Level 36 Answer: Bronze
Level 37 Answer: Amber
Level 38 Answer: Cherry
Level 39 Answer: Rose
Level 40 Answer: Strawberry
Level 41 Answer: Fuschia
Level 42 Answer: Ruby
Level 43 Answer: Pear
Level 44 Answer: Raspberry
Level 45 Answer: Tan
Level 46 Answer: Vanilla
Level 47 Answer: Lemon
Level 48 Answer: Mustard
Level 49 Answer: Almond
Level 50 Answer: Aquamarine