1000 Close Up Quiz Answers All Levels

1000 Close Up Quiz Answers All Levels. Need help with a puzzle for the game by Goda Game? We have solved all packs, levels and categories. 1000 Close Up Quiz: Guess Pic! Can you guess what this is from its zoomed in photo? Thousands of pictures in different categories to solve. 100 Close Up is a great Close up pic quiz game. Popular logos, food, animals, movie – cartoon characters and many more zoomed in photos, can you guess them all?
The app supports Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod (iOS). Download the game from iTunes and Google Play App Store. The game is free to play so hurry up and get it. Enjoy our game walkthrough guide. We love this trivia word quiz game.
1000 Close Up Quiz Answers All Levels

1000 Close Up Quiz Answers All Levels

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1000 Close Up Quiz Answers Beginner

beginner 01

Basketball, panda, jelly, jeans, paintbrush, candle, iris, frog, muffin, razor.

beginner 02

Kitten, dice, tulip, rhinoceros, salmon, dandelion, fox, battery, fingernail, cucumber slice.

beginner 03

Lollipop, sponge, owl, tomato, monkey wrench, daisy, scrunchies, camel, honeydew melon, airplane.

beginner 04

Tennis, ball, bell pepper, fork, crocodile, sunglasses, kiwi fruit, dominoes, lens, apple pie, helmet.

beginner 05

Golf ball, passion fruit, crayons, gear, baked beans, llama, pine cone, red onion, bark, shrimp tail.

beginner 06

Ice cream, speaker, puffin, chimney, red cabbage, icicle, artichoke, bagpipes, baboon, pomegranate.

beginner 07

Tiger, jar, thermometer, watermelon, hinge, sphinx, sausage, backgammon, bush baby, asparagus.

beginner 08

Cocktail, clementine, otter, lipstick, green pepper, briefcase, blusher, robin, eggplant, charcoal.

beginner 09

Jaguar, red pepper, tyre, cookies, crab, seashell, clapper board, compass, lasagne, matchstick.

beginner 10

Beer, cactus, dumbbells, beaver, sandwich, acorn, tea bags, barn owl, gyroscope, linguine.

beginner 11

Lime, yarn, emu, roulette, dragon fruit, doll, mushroom, iguana, parachute, fishhook.

beginner 12

Zebra, skipping rope, papaya, corkscrew, bauble, cricket ball, cufflinks, umbrella, wooly hat.

beginner 13

Baseball, horse, egg, zucchini, pill, boxing gloves, fan, walrus, binoculars, crumpet.

beginner 14

Watch, snail, peanut, barcode, helicopter, zipper, hard disk, dragonfly, stool, eggs florentine.

beginner 15

Corn, feather, carambola, goat, chopping board, ear, Arun lily, cardinal, emerald, cheese souffle.

beginner 16

Koala, pancake, scissors, aloe, chestnut, lighter, drinking straws, rings, fly, eclairs.

beginner 17

Donut, usb, lettuce, hippo, propeller, hammer, rope, rubber duck, apricot, panna cotta.

beginner 18

Dog, bowling ball, noodles, light bulb, buddha, dough, cellphone, whipped cream, honeycomb, orchid.

beginner 19

Chocolate, ant, whistle, lobster tails, sapphire, garlic, bowling pin, syringe, yucca, Bakewell tart.

beginner 20

Waffle, credit card, tangerine, puppy, darts, toadstool, snowman, cotton candy, strawberry, pyrite.

1000 Close Up Quiz Answers Expert

expert logo pack 01

Chrome, Pringles, playboy, Johnny walker, repsol, hyundai, ferrari, real madrid, cambridge, unilever.

expert logo pack 02

Firefox, wwf, peugeot,, pepsico, volkswagen, generali, amazon, arsenal, texaco, petrochina.

expert logo pack 03

Vodafone, red bull, ubs, versace, Lacoste, ing, Bacardi, mercedes benz, ac milan, total.

expert logo pack 04

Starbucks, bp, sony ericsson, kappa, toyota, tottenham, paramount, airbus, philips, buffalo bils.

expert logo pack 05

Shell, chicago bulls, michelin, renault, valero, nestle, mazda, dropbox, xerox, bhp billiton.

expert logo pack 06

Apple, dominos pizza, cigna, crocs, alfa romeo, Chanel, Drupal, Buick, captain Morgan, debian.

expert logo pack 07

Castrol, audi, chiquita, dakar rally, Burberry, avg, dodge, lufthansa, allstate, playstation,

expert logo pack 08

Dunkin donuts, olay, bundesliga, avnet, rolling stones, dreamworks, charter, bank of America, auchan, fannie mae.

expert logo pack 09

Seat, chevrolet, huawei, medtronic, java, hermes, wella, holden, woolworths, boeing.

expert logo pack 10

Motorola, Santa cruz, kamaz, rosneft, msn, red hat, Maserati, yellow pages, mitsubishi, abarth.

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