33 Puzzles Enigma's Game Walkthrough Guide

33 Puzzles Enigma’s Game Walkthrough Guide and Solutions Levels 1-33. Solve 33 puzzles that use the functionality of your mobile or tablet.
33 Puzzles: enigma’s game is developed by M.Pomme Studio. You download the game app on Google Play and iTunes app store.
33 Puzzles Enigma's Game Walkthrough Guide

33 Puzzles Enigma’s Game Walkthrough Guide

We have solved all riddles and puzzles below.

33 Puzzles Enigma’s Game Walkthrough Puzzles 1-33

Puzzle #1:
Clue: The key is behind
Solution: Raise the load
Puzzle #2:
Clue: Break the glass
Solution: Tap the glass
Puzzle #3:
Clue: Think about the gas
Solution: Shake your device
Puzzle #4:
Clue: Bat sleep head down
Solution: Rotate your device upside down
Puzzle #5:
Clue: That’s an Enigma
Solution: MA
Puzzle #6:
Clue: Turn the radio on
Solution: 4321
Puzzle #7:
Clue: Yeah exactly
Solution: Wait a minute
Puzzle #8:
Clue: Controls
Solution: Click the return (Back) button on your device
Puzzle #9:
Clue: Behind the dirt, Translate this language (Latin)
Solution: CESAR
Puzzle #10:
Clue: 5+5=10
Solution: Tap on the level number
Puzzle #11:
Clue: The code is written here
Solution: 654321
Puzzle #12:
Clue: The code is under the bucket, PUT IT ABOVE YOUR HEAD.
Solution: DONUTS
Puzzle #13:
Clue: Letters are scrambled , If you look carefully, it asks for What is the first letter of Zebra?
Solution: Z
Puzzle #14:
Clue: Look carefully (you can see fingerprints on the key)
Solution: 4343
Puzzle #15:
Clue: Make him older
Solution: change your device date
Puzzle #16:
Clue: Good Luck
Solution: Push the scroll wheel until you hit a jackpot
Puzzle #17:
Clue: Find the tube find the code
Solution: DONUTS
Puzzle #18:
Clue: Play the doctor
Solution: Plug in the earphone
Puzzle #19:
Clue: Like a baby
Solution: Rock your device like a baby rocker
Puzzle #20:
Clue: Search for the smallest round on the screen
Solution: The dot of i in word click is the smallest dot, click on it.
Puzzle #21:
Clue: Look at the map (go to coordinates)
Solution: HORSE
Puzzle #22:
Clue: A hand a letter
Solution: LIFE
Puzzle #23:
Clue: Read this succession of flashes (morse code)
Solution: STAR
Puzzle #24:
Clue: Give him some energy
Solution: Plug in your phone to a charger
Puzzle #25:
Clue: Use the 2D
Solution: Make a circle around the fish
Puzzle #26:
Clue: Is it the time to go up?
Solution: Wait until midnight
Puzzle #27:
Clue: Did you read the description?
Solution: Princess
Puzzle #28:
Clue: Run away!
Solution: Click your device menu button
Puzzle #29:
Clue: It breezes
Solution: WIND
Puzzle #30:
Clue: How to succeed this riddle?
Solution: Click on Level Number 30 and write 31, press OK
Puzzle #31:
Clue: As in the plane
Puzzle #32:
Clue: Why not give him an idea
Solution: Move the hint icon to think bubble.
Puzzle #33:
Initialize the rocket by pressing a long time on the hint button
Press a long time on the rocket
Press 3 times on the rocket
Press a long time on the rocket
Wait , enjoy , you are a hero …