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7 Little Words Answers Sunrise Level 1-10

Solutions for 7 Little Words Sunrise puzzle zone level 1. The game is developed by Blue Ox Technologies Ltd and works with iPad, iPod, iPhone and Android. 7 Little Words features 100+ puzzles that you can enjoy for free. To unlock other zones like Chocolate or Bridges you need to purchase this through the app. If you like crosswords or anagram games, then this game app is amazing.

So if you need help with any of the levels for Sunrise puzzle zone, then look below.
Little Words Sunrise Level 5:
7 Little Words Sunrise Level 1:
No. Clues Solutions
1 chesspiece KNIGHT
2 four-score EIGHTY
3 piratical disease SCURVY
4 snakes COBRAS
5 roller skating waitress CARHOP
6 harmless BENIGN
7 something to eat CHOW
7 Little Words Sunrise Level 2:
No. Clues Solutions
1 booms THUNDERS
2 helix SPIRAL
3 3/4 dance WALTZ
4 bunny food CARROTS
5 fancy cup GOBLET
6 nautical greeting AHOY
7 orbiting sphere PLANET
7 Little Words Sunrise Level 3:
No. Clues Solutions
1 flat top PLATEAU
2 stretchy stuff SPANDEX
3 not a nice guy SCOUNDREL
4 not very fancy SPARTAN
5 stays away from AVOIDS
6 whirlwind TORNADO
7 desires WANTS
7 Little Words Sunrise Level 4:
No. Clues Solutions
1 tippy boat CANOE
2 Mexican sauce SALSA
3 portable canopy UMBRELLA
4 sell illegally TRAFFIC
5 opera star Lanza MARIO
6 facial hair MUSTACHE
7 increasing WAXING
7 Little Words Sunrise Level 5:
No. Clues Solutions
1 baby kangaroo JOEY
2 The Milkmaid artist VERMEER
3 lives under the sea SPONGEBOB
4 sugar transformed CARAMEL
5 splits in two DIVIDES
6 dimestore novel PAPERBACK
7 unwanted email SPAM
7 Little Words Sunrise Level 6:
No. Clues Solutions
1 plush bear TEDDY
2 land bridge ISTHMUS
3 Arthur’s childhood nickname WART
4 sheds light LANTERN
5 barrel maker COOPER
6 island State HAWAII
7 good for you BENEFICIAL
7 Little Words Sunrise Level 7:
1 without fault BLAMELESS
2 extra SPARE
3 used up SPENT
4 triangular sail SPINNAKER
5 Italian dessert TIRAMISU
6 release anger VENT
7 lightbulb developer EDISON
7 Little Words Sunrise Level 8:
No. Clues Solutions
1 keeps a baby dry DIAPER
2 hard substance DIAMOND
3 worth something VALUABLE
4 small amount PINCH
6 not a bear PANDA
7 fake SHAM
7 Little Words Sunrise Level 9:
No. Clues Solutions
1 tossed veggies SALAD
2 nurture FOSTER
3 tortilla chips DORITOS
4 stylishly sophisticated CLASSY
5 flying machine HELICOPTER
6 pass over SKIP
7 Little Words Sunrise Level 10:
No. Clues Solutions
1 make angry INFURIATE
2 suppress STIFLE
4 green-headed duck MALLARD
5 rowing CREW
6 wonderful MAGNIFICENT
7 fashionable TRENDY
I will be adding rest of the levels during the next couple of days.
7 Little Words features the following puzzle zones to solve:
Sunrise, Robots, Chocolate, Bridges, Clouds, Lemonade, Symphony, Beaches, Coffee, Mountains, Papayas, Kites, Wallabies, Easy Peasy, Pearls, Coral, Turtles, Gingerbread, Slippers, Butterflies, Snowmen, Cinnamon, Meadows, Peppermint, Tulips, Dolphins, Vanilla, Maple, Lavender, Flamingos, Ice Cream, Magnolias, Raisins, Galaxies, Balloons, Pelicans, Glaciers, Sailboats, Tangerines, Wattterfalls, Cakewalk, Diamonds, Canyons, Skyscrapers, Oceans.
7 Little Words Bonus Packs:
Bonus Pack 1: Impossible, Dreams.
Bonus Pack 2: Salt, Pepper
Bonus Pack 3: Raindrops, Roses
Bonus Pack 4: Whiskeys, Kittens
Bonus Pack 5: Pencils, Paper