8 Crosswords Answers All Levels and Grids

8 Crosswords Answers, Solutions and Cheats All Levels, Images and Grids. Need help with a picture puzzle for the game by Y A QU A. Stare at the image and guess the 8 words hidden within the grid. Hundreds of illustrated crosswords grids where clues are given through various and colourfull pictures. 1 pic, 1 grid, 8 crossed words. The clues are within the pictures. Find the 8 words and unlock the next pic once you get the 8 words. Hundreds of grids and images. Animals, cooking, landscape, sport, people, nature, monument and more.
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8 Crosswords Answers

Icon Pop Quiz 2 Answers All Levels and Packs

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Word Mini Answers Levels 1-20

#1: Mango, Grape, Avocado, Pineapple, Kiwi, Orange, Lime, Lemon