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94% Answers Levels 1-35

94% Answers, Solutions and Cheats for Android and iPhone (iOS). Are you stuck on a word or image, then use our walkthrough guide to solve those difficult levels. Some of the puzzles can be tricky and therefore it’s nice to have complete list of answers by your hand. This game is the third app from Scimob, the same creators behind 94 Seconds and 94 Degrees. The game app is available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon app store. Download 94% today to discover hundreds of questions based on words, expressions and Pictures. The object of the game is simple: find 94% of the given answers. The gameplay is very nice design and smooth looking, and might be the reason for so many downloads. I play the English version but you can also download 94% in French, Spanish, German and portuguese language. The game is called 94-percent, 94-prozent, 94-pourcent, 94-porciento and 94-porcento depending on your language. We hope you will enjoy our answers fpr this fantastic quiz trivia puzzle game. A question or a picture, find 94% of given answers. The game is about trying to find the most common answers from a survey of 100 people. So there are many answers to one question. Collect all 105 stars with this guide.
94-percent Answers and Cheats All Levels

94% Answers, Solutions and Cheats All Levels

94 percent Answers, Solutions and Cheats Levels 1-35: (currently available; US version)
The levels are random on each device, so it’s easier to search for a question on your current level. If you need help or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. Then we or others will help you.
94% Answers Levels 1:
• Things you find in a pencil case:
pencil, pen, eraser, crayons (Android), ruler (iOS), sharpener, marker.
• Fruits with seeds or pits:
apple, orange, peach, watermelon, cherry, plum, pear.
• Picture keywords:
fire, water, hose, fireman, truck.
94% Answers Levels 2:
• First thing you do in the morning:
breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth, alarm, wash, toilet, stretch, check phone.
• Something that requires a ticket:
movie, concert, train, bus, plane, parking, game.
• Picture keywords:
chalk, colors, school, board, draw, kid.
94% Answers Levels 3:
• Something everyone has played:
Video Games, Sports, Board Games, Cars, Tag, Hide and Seek.
• Parts of a car :
Tire, Engine, door, steering wheel, window, bonnet, boot, bumper, brakes.
• Picture keywords:
Wine, red, glass, drink, pour, alcohol.
94% Answers Levels 4:
• Job you wanted to do when you were a kid:
doctor, teacher, police officer, veterinarian, singer, firefighter, actor, astronaut, pilot
• It’s round:
ball, circle, earth, orange, sun, head, moon.
• Picture keywords:
onion, pepper, healthy, cry, cooking.
94% Answers Levels 5:
• It smells good:
food, perfume, flower, soap, candle, clean laundry
• Facebook:
friends, photos, social, status, messenger, like, blue, share (Android), Wall (iOS).
• Picture keywords:
record, music, old, needle, player, spin.
94% Answers Levels 6:
• It’s yellow:
banana, sun, flower, duck, lemon, tennis ball, bee, corn.
• Words used by the weatherman:
rain, sun, cloud, hot, storm, cold, wind, temperature.
• Picture keywords:
alarm, late, time, wake up, bed.
94% Answers Levels 7:
• Equipment used by Indiana Jones:
Whip, Hat, gun, knife, bag, boots, torch, map.
• It brings bad luck:
black cat, ladder, mirror, umbrella, salt, friday 13th.
• Picture keywords:
fire, match, burn, flame, hot.
94% Answers Levels 8:
• It gets dirty quickly:
shoes, laundry, house, car, hands, kids, dishes.
• It’s soft:
pillow, hair, blanket, cotton, teddy bear, cloud, feather.
• Picture keywords:
coffee, mug, tea, morning.
94% Answers Levels 9:
• It grows quickly:
plant, people, hair, nails, mold.
• Exotic fruit:
pineapple, kiwi, mango, star fruit, banana, papaya, dragon fruit, coconut, guava, passion fruit.
• Picture keywords:
fries, fast food, salt, fat, potato.
94% Answers Levels 10:
• Things that go around:
earth, merry go round, wheel, ball, roundabout, clock.
• String instruments:
violin, guitar, cello, harp, bass, piano.
• Picture keywords:
handshake, deal, business, meeting.
94% Answers Levels 11:
• Percussion Instruments:
Drum, cymbal, triangle, xylophone, maraca.
• Bank:
money, vault, teller, card, robber, loan, account, atm.
• Picture keywords:
art, picture, museum, painting, gallery, woman.
94% Answers Levels 12:
• It’s itchy:
rash, bug bite, wool, clothes, chicken pox, lice.
• DIY tools:
hammer, saw, drill, screwdriver, nail, wrench, glue.
• Picture keywords:
Formula , race, fast, driver, track.
94% Answers Levels 13:
• Things you can dilute:
juice, water, bleach, alcohol, salt, sugar, coffee, acid.
• Las Vegas:
gambling, casino, money, lights, USA, desert, weddings, fun, Nevada.
• Picture keywords:
Vacation, beach, suitcase, sign, blue, sun.
94% Answers Levels 14:
• It’s useful for the elderly:
cane, wheelchair, glasses, love, hearing aid, dentures, medicine.
• Noise heard in a city:
cars, people, sirens, trains, barking, construction, music.
• Picture keywords:
jellyfish, ocean, sting, orange, tentacles.
94% Answers Levels 15:
• A dangerous job:
police, firefighter, army, construction, miner, pilot, lion tamer, stuntman, electrician.
• It makes you happy:
food, family, love, animals, friends, sun, money, music, sports.
• Picture keywords:
cheetah, fast, spots, wild, africa.
94% Answers Levels 16:
• It produces heat:
oven, sun, fire, heater, lamp, body.
• Something you can no longer live without :
food, phone, water, family, love, air, internet, friends.
• Picture keywords:
warm, winter, coffee, tea, cup.
94% Answers Levels 17:
• Camping:
tent, fire, marshmallows, outdoors, sleeping bag, family , friends.
• It makes you feel better when you are sick:
medicine, Sleep, soup, love, drink, warmth.
• Picture keywords:
Jesus, Rio, statue, Brazil.
94% Answers Levels 18:
• A good place to party:
house, club, beach, bar, pool, park.
• Dentist:
teeth, pain, filling, drill, clean, braces, chair.
• Picture keywords:
plane, sky, dream, child, fly.
94% Answers Levels 19:
• Objects that have a screen:
Phone, computer, television, tablet, GPS.
• Tools used for gardening:
shovel, hoe, rake, fork, shears, watering can, lawn mower.
• Picture keywords:
snoring, loud, sleep, annoying, bed, tired
94% Answers Levels 20:
• Types of music:
rock, pop, rap, country, jazz, classical, dance, reggae.
• Things used by a police officer:
gun, handcuffs, car, baton, taser, badge, flashlight, radio.
• Picture keywords:
laptop, glasses, work, office, mouse
94% Answers Levels 21:
• It’s red:
blood, apple, tomato, fire truck, stop, strawberry, pepper, rose.
• It makes you laugh:
joke, comedian, friend, clown, tickle, people falling.
• Picture keywords:
pasta, tomato, cheese, Italian, fork.
94% Answers Levels 22:
• Parts of an airplane:
Wing, Engine, Cockpit, Tail, Landing Gear, Seats, Nose, Window.
• Something you do before you go to bed:
Brush, Teeth, Shower, Pajamas, Pee, TV, Brush, Hair, Read.
• Picture keywords:
Cactus, Desert, Hot, Dry, Mountain.
94% Answers Levels 23:
• Mathematics:
Addition, Subtraction, Algebra, Multiplication, Division, Hard, Numbers, School.
• Movie:
Popcorn, Cinema, Comedy, Action, Horror, Actor, Film.
• Picture keywords:
Hat, Mexico, Gold, Fiesta, Sun.
94% Answers Levels 24:
• Children Love It:
Toys, Candy, Games, Ice, Cream, Animals, Parents.
• Countries involved in WWII:
Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, United States, Soviet Union, Italy, France.
• Picture keywords:
Stress, Work, Frustration, Anger.
94% Answers Levels 25:
• People Collect Them:
Coins, Stamps, Cards, Books, Cars, Rocks, Dolls.
• Pregnant Woman:
Baby, Parent, Belly, Birth, Craving, Hormonal, Glowing.
• Picture keywords (Pills):
Medicine, Sick, Pain, Doctor.
94% Answers Levels 26:
• Countries in South America:
Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia, Columbia, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay.
• It’s Slow:
Turtle, Traffic, Computer, Snail, Sloth.
• Picture keywords (Logs):
Wood, Tree, Log, Deforestation, Forest, Fog.
94% Answers Levels 27:
• Animals hatched from eggs:
Bird, Turtle, Snake, Fish, Crocodile, Platypus.
• James Bond:
Sexy, 007, Action, Spy, Girls, Car, Suit, Movie, Gun.
• Picture keywords (Chalkboard):
School, Math, Chalk, Board, Einstein, Hard.
94% Answers Levels 28:
• I Wish My Boyfriend/Girlfriend was more…
Loving, Funny, Outgoing, Understanding, Sexy, Romantic, Intelligent, Happy, Honest.
• Herbivorous Animals:
Cow, Horse, Giraffe, Deer, Sheep, Goa,t Elephant, Panda, Rabbit.
• Picture keywords (Elephant):
Elephant, Mud, Family, Water, Africa, Trunk, Wild.
94% Answers Levels 29:
• Sounds Animals Make:
Woof, Moo, Meow, Baa, Oink.
• It’s Good Cooked but not Raw:
Vegetables, Rice, Pasta, Eggs, Meat, Fish.
• Picture keywords (Bee):
Bee, Pollen, Flower, Honey, Purple, Spring.
94% Answers Levels 30:
• It Weighs Over a Ton:
Building, Plane, Elephant, Car, Whale, Hippopotamus, Boat.
• Make Up:
Powder, Lipstick, Mascara, Eye, Shadow, Foundation, Eye, Liner.
• Picture keywords (Pizza):
Yummy, Olive, Pizza, Cheese, Pepperoni, Italian.
94% Answers Levels 31:
• It’s Sweet:
Fruit, Ice, Cream, Candy, Cake, Soda, Chocolate, Sugar, Honey.
• Things Associated with Brazil:
Soccer, Beach, Rio, Carnival, Hot, Dancing, Women.
• Picture keywords (Massage):
Relax, Spa, Massage, Lotion.
94% Answers Levels 32:
• GPS:
Directions, Car, Map, Travel, Navigation, Satellite, Lost.
• Cat:
Whiskers, Purr, Meow, Fur, Mouse, Dog, Kitten, Claws.
• Picture keywords (EGGS):
Brown, Egg, Chicken, Three, Breakfast, Shell, Oval.
94% Answers Levels 33:
• Something found in the living room:
Sofa, Table, TV, Lamp, Carpet.
• Payment Methods:
Credit, Card, Check, PayPal, Cash, Wire.
• Picture keywords (Picnic):
Family, Fun, Food, Friends, Picnic.
94% Answers Levels 34:
• Green Vegetables:
Peas, Beans, Lettuce, Broccoli, Cucumber, Spinach, Peppers, Asparagus, Cabbage.
• It’s Forbidden on a Plane:
Shouting, Weapons, Smoking, Lighter.
• Picture keywords (VolksWagen):
Van, Vacation, Summer, Beach, Hippie, Palm, Trees.
94% Answers Levels 35:
• Adjectives to describe height:
giant, tiny, huge, short, small, tall.
• Things you see in the sky:
planes, stars, sun, clouds, birds, moon.
• Picture keywords:
school, hand, teacher, answer, stydent.
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