94% Reasons a baby cries

94% Reasons a baby cries. Stuck needing help with a picture or question puzzle for the game by Scimob? We’ve solved all levels and packs. In 94 percent you are presented with 2 text questions and 1 picture and you simply guess the correct answers.
We have solved hundreds of questions based on words, expressions and images. The game app is called 94 percent because the answers of the game result into 94 percent as opposed to 100% complete.
94% Reasons a baby cries

94% Reasons a baby cries Cheats

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94% Reasons a baby cries

Hungry – 37%
Dirty diaper – 22%
Tired – 20%
Hurt – 6%
Attention – 5%
Scared – 2%
Sick – 2%

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