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94 Seconds Answers All Categories

94 Seconds Answers, Solutions and Cheats for Android and iPhone (iOS). If you need help or just stuck then use our walkthrough to find the puzzle answer. You are presented with 1 category, 1 letter, 1 word to find and score higher than your friends. The game features more than 50 different categories. By using our answers you are able to guess more right answers in a row and have additional points to boost your score. Unlock achievements with different records in the app or on Game Center.

You can play your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Email, username or play randomly against other millions of players. You can win Chronos in every challenge or with every highscore you set and unlock new category packs and avatars. As you progress in levels by guessing words the game becomes more and more difficult. You can play the game app in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. It’s a great quiz game with social functions built in. 94 Seconds is a fun word-based guessing game that keeps you entertained for hours.
94 Seconds Answers All Categories

94 Seconds Answers, Cheats and Solutions All Categories

94 Seconds Answers Car Manufacturers
A Acura
C Chevrolet
D Dodge
F Ford
H Honda
J Jeep
K Kia
L Lexus
M Mazda
N Nissan
O Opel
P Porsche
R Ram
S Saab
T Toyota
94 Seconds Answers Chemical Elements
A Aurum
B Boron
C Carbon
F Fluorine
G Gold
H Helium
I Iron
L Lead
M Mercury
N Neon
O Oxygen
P Platinum
R Radium
S Silver
T Tin
U Uranium
Z Zinc
94 Seconds Answers Burger Ingredients
B Bacon
C Catsup
E Eggs
F Feta
G Garlic
H Hamburger
J Jelly
K Ketchup
L Lettuce
M Mayo
N Onion
O Pickle
R Relish
S Salt
T Tomato
94 Seconds Answers Big US Cities
A Austin
B Boston
C Chicago
D Dallas
E Erie
F Fargo
G Green Bay
H Houston
I Irvine
J Juneau
K Kansas City
L Las Vegas
M Madison
N New York
O Orlando
P Portland
R Reno
S Seattle
T Tampa
V Ventura
W Wichita
94 Seconds Answers School Subjects
A Art
B Biology
C Chemistry
D Drama
E English
F French
G Gym
H History
L Literature
M Math
P Poetry
R Religion
S Science
94 Seconds Answers Beach Items
A Air Mattress
B Beer
C Camera
F Floaties
H Hammock
K Kayak
M Magazine
P Pail
S Sandals
T Towel
W Wetsuit
94 Seconds Answers Clothing
A Ascot
B Beret
C Cap
D Dress
E Earring
F Fanny Pack
G Gloves
H Hat
J Jersey
K Kilt
L Loafers
M Mittens
N Nightgown
O Oxford
P Pajamas
R Raincoat
S Sandal
T Thong
U Underwear
W Watch
94 Seconds Answers US States
A Alaska
C Colorado
F Florida
G Georgia
H Hawaii
I Iowa
K Kansas
L Louisiana
M Maine
N Nevada
O Oklahoma
P Pennsylvania
R Rhode Island
S South Carolina
T Texas
U Utah
V Vermont
W Washington
94 Seconds Answers Vegetables
A Avocado
B Brocolli
C Carrot
D Daikon
E Eggplant
F Fennel
G Green Pepper
H Haricot Bean
I Iceberg Lettuce
J Jerusalem Artichoke
K Kale
L Leek
M Marrow
N Neeps
O Onion
P Parsnip
Q Quinoa
R Radish
S Swede
T Turnip
U Uchuva
V Violet Truffle
W Watercress
X Xerophyle
Y Yam
Z Zucchini
94 Seconds Answers Zodiac Signs
A Aries
C Capricorn
G Goat
L Libra
P Pisces
S Sagittarius
T Tiger
V Virgo
94 Seconds Answers Mammals
A Ape
B Bat
C Cat
D Dog
E Elk
F Fox
G Giraffe
H Hippo
J Jaguar
K Kangaroo
L Lion
M Man
O Ox
P Panda
R Rabbit
S Seal
T Tiger
W Walrus
Z Zebra
94 Seconds Answers Job Titles
A Actor
B Butcher
C Chef
D Designer
E Editor
F Farmer
G Greeter
H Hostess
I Innkeeper
J Janitor
L Lumberjack
M Maid
N Nanny
O Officer
P Pastor
R Rapper
S Sailor
T Tutor
U Usher
V Vet
W Waiter
94 Seconds Answers Human Body Parts
A Abs
B Back
C Calf
E Ear
F Foot
H Hair
I Iris
J Jaw
K Kidney
L Leg
M Molar
N Nose
O Ovary
P Palm
R Rib
S Scalp
T Throat
U Uvula
V Vein
W Wrist
94 Seconds Answers Fish
A Ahi
B Bass
C Carp
D Dory
E Eel
F Flounder
G Gar
H Halibut
M Marlin
P Perch
R Rainbow
S Shark
T Tetra
Z Zebra
94 Seconds Answers Music Styles
B Blues
C Country
D Dance
E Electro
F Folk
G Grunge
H House
J Jazz
K Krautrock
M Metal
N New Wave
P Pop
R Rap
S Salsa
T Tango
Z Zydeco
94 Seconds Answers Trees & Shrubs
A Apple
B Birch
C Cedar
E Elm
F Ficus
G Gum
H Hibiscus
I Ivy
J Jade
K Kudzu
L Lemon
M Magnolia
O Oak
P Palm
Q Queen Palm
R Rose
S Sumac
T Teak
W Walnut
Y Yaupon
94 Seconds Answers Country Capitals
A Athens
B Bern
C Cairo
D Dublin
H Hanoi
J Jakarta
K Kiev
L Lima
M Madrid
N Nassau
O Oslo
P Paris
Q Quito
R Rome
S Seoul
T Tokyo
V Vienna
W Warsaw
94 Seconds Answers Fruits
A Apple
B Banana
C Cantaloupe
D Dragonfruit
E Eggplant
F Fig
G Grapefruit
H Honeydew melon
J Jasmine
K Kiwi
L Lychee
M Mango
N Nectarine
O Olive
P Papaya
R Raspberry
S Strawberry
T Tangerine
W Watermelon

94 Seconds Answers Colors
A Aqua
B Blue
C Coral
E Emerald
F Fuscia
G Gold
L Lemon
M Magenta
O Orange
P Peach
R Red
S Silver
T Tan
V Violet
W White