Agent A Chapter 5 The Final Blow Walkthrough

Agent A Chapter 5 The Final Blow Walkthrough Gameplay Guide. Find the solutions below. Agent A: A puzzle in disguise is an episodic tale of espionage spanning five chapters.

You can download Agent A: A puzzle in disguise on iTunes and Google Play. Find the solutions and cheats below.

Agent A Chapter 5 The Final Blow Walkthrough by Yak & Co

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Chapter 5 – The final blow Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 1 – A puzzle in disguise
Chapter 2 – The chase continues
Chapter 3 – Ruby’s trap
Chapter 4 – A narrow escape
Chapter 5 – The final blow (OUT NOW!)

Agent A, new instructions were given from headquarters. Enemy spy Ruby la Rouge is hunting our secret agents. Your task is to find and grab it.

First, follow Ruby, then find her secret hideout and get inside. There you have to reveal her plans.

Play the role of Agent A and complete an important mission, unless, of course, you are afraid! You need to penetrate the shelter of Ruby la Rouge, and then capture or neutralize the target!

Discover a stylish world in the spirit of the 60s, full of retro-futuristic devices, hidden devices, gadgets and smart logic puzzles. But be careful … Ruby la Rouge is not one of those who give up easily! Get the opportunity to explore the labyrinth of interesting puzzles and play cat and mouse, not knowing who the cat is and who is the mouse.

Have you noticed anything unusual? Is something out of place? Remember all the oddities as a good secret agent – this will help you solve all the tricky puzzles. Explore Ruby’s secret hideaway, collect items and use them wisely – the only way you can go through the whole chain of puzzles and reach the goal!

Features of the game “Agent A”:
* Unique style in the spirit of the 60s.
* 35 study rooms, 100 inventory puzzles and 50 puzzle scenes.
* 30 achievements for the trophy lover in each of us.

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