Alto’s Odyssey: How to Unlock Izel

Alto’s Odyssey by Snowman. Use our game guide for iOS and Android below to unlock Izel. You unlock the player Izel at Level 31 by completing all goals for each level. There are 6 Characters Alto, Maya, Paz, Izel, Felipe and Sumara. Help chain together combos, and complete 180 goals.
Find secrets in the sky with hot-air balloons, moving grind rails, and wall riding. Meet Alto and friends. Unlock six unique characters, each with their own attributes and abilities. Hints and tips available below.
Download the game app on iTunes and Google Play for your iPhone, iPad or Android device. The app supports Android and iOS.
Alto’s Odyssey - How to Unlock Izel

Alto’s Odyssey: List of Goals for All Levels

Solve the following 30 goals to unlock Izel.

Level 31

• Purchase the wingsuit from Izel’s Workshop
• Double backflip over a chasm
• Score 20,000 trick points in one run

Level 32

• Perform a loop with the wingsuit
• Land a triple backflip
• Wingsuit over a chasm

Level 33

• Smash 5 rocks with a lotus flower in one run
• Wingsuit for 200m in one run
• Backflip from a tornado over a balloon

Level 34

• Grind 3 vines in one combo
• Ride 25 walls
• Backflip off the sand ship

Level 35

• Land a backflip close to the ground
• Smash 2 rocks with one boost
• Collect 20 coins while wingsuiting

Level 36

• Backflip over 5 balloons
• Skim across 3 pools of water in one run
• Land a 5,000 point combo

Level 37

• Wingsuit for 1,000m in one run
• Rock bounce to backflip
• Score 2,500 point combo during Lemur chase

Level 38

• Land a 7x combo
• Wingsuit with a Bird of Paradise
• Survive a full day (Try using Izel for this since he moves faster, and play it safe by doing fewer tricks than you would with Maya.)

Level 39

• Smash 5 pots in one run
• Backflip to kiss the rail
• Collect a Super Coin while wingsuiting

Level 40

• Wallride to backflip to Wallride
• Double backflip off a grind twice in one run
• Escape 3 lemurs in one run
Congratulation! You have now unlocked Izel at Level 31.

Other characters to unlock:

Alto → The default character.
Maya → Unlocks at Level 11.
Paz → Unlocks at Level 21.
Izel→ Unlocks at Level 31.
Felipe → Unlocks at Level 41.
Sumara → Unlocks at Level 51.