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AnagramApp Answers All Levels and Word anagrams

AnagramApp Answers and Solutions All Levels and Word anagrams. Need help with a puzzle for the game by Quarzo Apps? Use our game cheats below. Rearrange letters of a word to produce a new word. Solve anagrams of words in English. Each puzzle have hidden words that allow you to win coins. Solve hundreds of words in some of the puzzles. Find at least one anagram of the given word. Once you have solved a problem you can play it again to find the hidden words that are missing. All words must be at least three words length. Use the dictionary to find the definition of any word. The game includes 500+ levels to solve.
To Play:
1) Drag and move the letter tiles to produce meaningful words.
2) Underline the letters to validate the word.
If you can’t find a word, don’t worry, you can use hints that will show you the first letters of each word.
The app supports Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod (iOS). Download the game from iTunes and Google Play App Store. The game is free to play so hurry up and get it. Enjoy our game walkthrough guide. We love this trivia word quiz game. We love this Word Puzzle Game like Scrabble. Unscramble the anagram
AnagramApp Answers All Levels and Word anagrams

TV Series Quiz Answers All Levels

Feel free to leave a comment below if stuck or need help.

AnagramApp Answers – Easy Level Chapter 1

Gin, ing, ins, sin, gins, sign, sing. Ruby, bur, buy, rub, bury. Loo, los, sol, loos, oslo, solo. Alp, amp, lam, lap, map, pal, pam, lamp, palm. Emo, moe, ore, rem, roe, rom, more, rome. Eli, lei, len, lie, lin, nil, lien, line, neil, nile. Flo, fol, low, owl, flow, fowl, wolf. Flo, fog, fol, log, flog, golf. Con, inc, ion, nco, coin, icon. Fit, ifs, its, sit, fist, fits, sift.

AnagramApp Answers – Easy Level Chapter 2

Mae, man, men, nae, nam, amen, mane, mean, name. Eli, elm, lei, mel, mil, emil, lime, mile. Hut, rut, thu, hurt, ruth, thru, thur. Aol, cal, lac, lao, ola, coal, cola. Isl, isp, lip, pis, psi, sip, lips, lisp, slip. Ace, arc, are, car, ear, era, rae, rca, rec, acre, care, race. Isl, iso, los, oil, sol, lois, oils, silo, soil. Are, awe, ear, era, rae, raw, war, ware, wear. Lye, rel, rye, yer, lyre, rely. Eon, net, noe, not, one, ont, ten, toe, ton, eton, note, tone.

AnagramApp Answers Easy Level Chapter 3

Mon, moo, ono, mono, moon. Ban, bar, bra, nab, nba, nra, ran, rna, barn, bran. Gin, ing, rig, grin, ring. Rod, door, odor, rood. Bro, orb, ore, rob, roe, boer, bore, ebro, robe. Amt, ate, atm, eat, emt, eta, mae, mat, met, met, tam, tea, mate, meat, meta, tame, team. Age, are, ear, era, erg, gar, ger, rae, rag, reg, gear, rage. Ale, hal, lea, hale, heal, leah. Int, ion, ito, nit, not, ont, tin, ton, into, toni. Net, rte, ten, rent, tern.

AnagramApp Answers – Easy Level Chapter 4

And, dan, dea, den, dna, end, nae, ned, aden, dane, dean, dena, edna. Est, its, set, sit, ste, tie, site, ties. Leo, ole, ore, rel, roe, lore, role. Out, sot, sou, stu, uso, oust, outs. Act, ats, cat, cst, sac, sat, sta, acts, cast, cats, scat. Ate, eat, eta, hat, tea, the, hate, heat, thea. Nos, now, own, son, sow, won, owns, snow, sown. Lop, loo, plo, pol, poo, loop, polo, pool. Bag, bar, bra, gab, gar, rag, brag, garb, grab.

AnagramApp Answers – Easy Level Chapter 5

Abe, are, bar, bra, ear, era, rae, bare, bear, brae, reba. Ops, pus, sop, sou, sup, ups, uso, usp, opus, soup. Aol, asl, lao, las, los, oas, ola, sal, sol, also, laos. Ale, dea, del, lad, lea, led, dale, deal, lade, lead, leda. Est, set, ste, tvs, vet, vest, vets. Art, ats, rat, sat, sta, tar, arts, rats, star, tars. Eon, noe, one, ope, pen, poe, nope, open, peon, pone. Ale, asl, esl, las, lea, les, sal, sea, ales, elsa, lase, leas, lesa, sale, seal. Hop, hos, ohs, ops, sop, hops, hosp, posh, shop, soph. Moo, rom, moor, moro, room.

AnagramApp Answers – Easy Level Chapter 6

Dst, std, stu, sty, dust, duty, stud, dusty, study. Ale, alp, ape, apr, are, ear, epa, era, lap, lea, pal, par, pea, per, rae, rap, rel, rep, earl, earp, leap, lear, pale, pare, peal, pear, perl, plea, rape, real, reap, paler, pearl, peral. Adp, ale, alp, ape, dea, del, edp, epa, lad, lap, lea, led, pad, pal, pea, aped, dale, deal, lade, lead, lead, leda, pale, peal, plea, paled, pedal, plead. Ago, gao, gar, goa, nag, nor, nra, oar, ora, org, rag, ran, rna, ron, argo, arno aron, gran, nora, oran, rang, roan, argon, groan, organ.
Ado, aid, air, dar, dir, doa, ida, ira, oar, ora, rad, dra, rid, rio, rod, arid, dior, dora, raid, road, dario, radio. Arc, arm, cam, car, chm, ham, mac, mar, rah, ram, rca, arch, char, cram, harm, mach, marc, charm, march. Abe, are, bar, bra, ear, era, rae, baez, bare, bear, brae, ezra, raze, reba, braze, zebra.
Ens, eon, est, net, noe, nos, not, one, ont, sen, set, son, sot, ste, ten, toe, ton, enos, eons, eton, nest, nets, noes, nose, note, ones, sent, snot, tens, toes, tone, tons, notes, onset, seton, steno, stone, tones. Cod, col, cud, doc, duo, lcd, ldc, lou, old, clod, cold, loud, ludo, cloud, could. Ail, ais, ali, ans, asl, ian, ila, ina, ins, isl, lan, las, lin, nil, nsa, sal, san, sin, ails, ansi, lain, lina, lisa, nail, sail, nails, slain, snail.

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