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Answers for 4 Pics 1 Word: What’s the Word Level 1-100 for Android

Here you will find a walkthrough for What’s the Word? 4 Pics 1 Word for Android. This walkthrough features a complete list of answers that will help you, if you are stuck on a picture.
Can you guess all words and unlock all levels? Here are all the answers for the puzzles are waiting for you!
Are you looking for help with level 1-100 of the new fun quiz game by LOTUM GmbH? Then check this out, we have completed the levels and are going to share the answers with you.
The easiets way to find the word you are looking for, is to to use the following command in your browser:
Keyboard browser shortcut:
Safari = Command (cmd) + F
Chrome = Control (Ctrl) + F
Firefox = Ctrl + F
IE = Ctrl + F
After using the shortcut key you can search for keywords associated with the picture. In this way you can hopefully find the list of answers below.
The pictures are showing in random order, so to make it easier, the words are sorted by length:
3 letter words
Tie – Two men in suits and two knots.
Bat – Flying bat and cricket bat.
Tip – Cash money, dollars, a secret whisper and a thumbs up.
New – Green circle arrow, tablet with bow, year clock and a ladder in a room.
Hot – Fire in a pan, volcano, dog with sunglasses and an umbrella. Man in sauna, with lady checking his business.
Old – Older people discussing a laptop, tree trunk and pyramids.
Wet – Shower lady, red umbrella. Something orange and family photo in pool.
Red – Clown, red berries and two delicious red haired ladies.
Mix – Paint splash, mix of color sweets.
Big – Whale or shark and yellow kid. Shoe being cleaned and a big gift or present.
Sad – Sad people and a thoughtful monkey thinking about a banana that got away.
Can – Cans and food.
Row – Rowing a boat and a line of people. Red cinema seating.
Dry – Corn and clothes being let out to dry.
Oil – More berries and a relaxing massage spa. Green, red and yellow paint splash.
Net – Http sign, www and a tennis ball.
Bow – Bow and arrows, pink dress and wooden sculture.
Raw – Sushi, egg yolk, some meat and lettuce or cabbage.
Fan – Fan at a winning game. Green brazil fan and another red haired lady.
4 letter words
Rope – Skipping rope and a window cleaner for a skyscraper.
Trip – Hitchhikers and a train warning sign.
Sign – Fountain pen, signpost and a kangaroo with NEXT 100km.
Jump – People jumping and skiing.
High – Skyscrapers and tall buildings.
Hard – Bike on mountain incline. Stacked rocks and a man with the big arms. A peanut.
Bass – Fish with lemon, bass guitar or orchastra with violin.
Ball – Balls for soccer, basketball and golf.
Sink – Angry lady teaching a man to wash dishes, plumber and a sinking boat.
Fish – Fish and fish hook.
Date – Calander, man dreaming of lady, dates and wine.
Cone – Cold lady in hat, igloo, ice cube and a ice cream cone.
Wide – Red crane, winding river and smile in white.
Sour – Lemon and cherries. I guess cherries are sour. Potato with coleslaw.
Push – Suit pressing button, push ups. Granny exercising and a kid pushing a yellow tractor.
Book – Large pile of books. Girl reading a book. Receptionist stamping guys hand and blue shirt reading book.
Palm – Palm trees and hand.
Down – Feathers, pillow and stock red line falling.
Code – Barcode, combination lock. Black dressed ladies and magnifying glass lens.
Tear – Girl in Nerdr tears and a red rope being stretched.
Rock – Mountain and rock singer. More rocks and a baby being rocked.
Soft – Teddy bear and soft things.
Loud – Dog with headphones. Lady shouting at chubby man and a rock concert. We finish with a baby crying.
Game – Jenga block game, chess. Home and guest with a ball and a console.
Rich – Sack of money and a penthouse. Gold bars and a orange MacLaren car.
Card – Three aces and credit cards. A map with a pin.
Slow – Snails racing and a traffic jam. Old people in winter forest and a man pushing a Car.
Pull – Red and yellow toy rocking horse with blue wheels. Suits pulling a rope.
Long – Lady stretching the business end and another traffic jam. Giraffe and long nails.
Lean – Green top with high chair and pink fluffy purse. Might be chopsticks and some meat. Hands on head for man leaning on a tree.
Full – Cash in a suitcase and a beer. Cart full of fruit and a fruit cart.
Fair – Scales of liberty and an auction hammer. Fairground ride on an island.
Cool – Ice cubes and lemon near water.
Wave – Waving goodbye and surfing waves.
Park – Park bench and car parking.
Luck – Lucky four leaf clover and lucky horseshoe. A box of yellow stickies and four dice being rolled.
Play – Flying boy with wooden plane and clown masks. Soccer player and guitar playing.
Blue – Blue everything, including a blue bird.
Bill – Hundren dollar bills and a shopping cart.
Star – Stars, red staircase carpet and VIP in gold with a crown.
Pair – Two burgers, boots and pink stripe socks.
Fast – Car, running and a 225 speedometer.
5 letter words
Black – Owl, game, jaguar and a man with a question mark.
Pound – Money, tape measure around waist. Red and blue Europe and a weighing scale.
Sweet – Sweets, baby, chocolate and dogs. Every ladies dream life?
Train – Train and dog training.
Water – Water, watering a plan and a shower.
Drink – Ladies drinking water, a cat and a baby.
Crane – Crane machines and crane birds.
Match – Match and tennis bat.
Dirty – Water splashing a bride, laundry, pigs and a bicycle.
Catch – Fishing, red man flying, mousetrap and throwing a baby.
Alarm – Red flashing light and fire alarm. Guard dog and laser alarm. Laser stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.
Right – Green arrow pointing right and an A+.
White – White car, snow and a doctor or nurse.
Round – Blue round thing, orange ball and other round things. Pregnant lady proudly rubbing belly.
Cross – Red pencil marking a cross and the red cross. Mother crossing a road.
Heavy – Elephat and weights. Mouse on a playground ride and man pulling cart at an airport.
Quiet – Secret being told and girl sleeping nerdx31 with with teddy. Torch silhouette, black on white and sshh pic.
Trunk – Fall leaves and another elephant. Dog in car and special child or kid hugging tree trunk.
Light – Lightbulbs and happy lady.
Green – Binocular man, alligrator and a ball.
Chest – Suit and a wooden box of something. Treasure chest.
6 letter words
Square – Picture frames and a checker flag.
Strong – Coffee from a sack and that powerful any picture. Strong man and boy with weights.
Change – Money with one dollar plus change. Coffee, rail tracks and large man breathing in.
Yellow – Green fields, yellow firefighter. Bees and an old style car.
Record – Old vinyl record, microphone. Stop watch and another old vinyl record.
Hiphop – Hoody, a beatbox and fity. Fifty cent has now retired after calling hiphop a young mans game.
Summer – Dog with red or orange umbrella. Beach and a rain forest.
Vacuum – Sardine can, vacuum and a pressure sensor. Lady cleaning her car wearing yellow.
Plenty – Many flags and many people. TV screens and lots of white chairs. Whats the word 4 pics one word answers.
Sports – Bats and balls of all kinds and playing tennis.
7 letter words
Collect – Color tiles and a delighted lady shopping for shoes. Merry postcarsd and a small girl with a basket or bag.
Present – Happy girl with presents and gifts.
Morning – Coffee, crumpets and morning grass. Couple waking up.
Gesture – Thumbs up back there and happy time gestures. Silence gesture and human weight scale.
Address – Http again and a blue door. Lady with microphone talking to suits and a mailbox with at symbol.
8 letter words
Children – Four images of children playing.
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