Answers for Guess the Movie – Pictionary Game Walkthrough

Game Walkthrough for Guess the Movie – Pictionary! Here are the solutions for Classics Level for Android, iPhone and iPad. Guess the Movie! is a game for smartphone devices, where you guess the movie based on clues and hints. This Game is developed by JINFRA.

The answers for Guess the Movie – Pictionary level are from top left:
1. Apollo 13
2. Benchwarmers
3. Brokeback Mountain
4. Catch 22
5. Monsters Vs Aulens
6. Pearl Harbor
7. Rat Race
8. Silent Hill
9. Tears of the Sun
10. Eagle Eye
11. Cloverfield
12. The School of Rock
13. Big Fish
14. Mona ulsa Smile
15. Wall E
16. Pulp Fiction