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Blackout Level 1 Answers

Are you looking for a complete guide for all the answers for level 1 of the game Blackout by Peter Gilmour?
We got exactly a guide for that, with all 20 solutions for the first level!
All you’ll have to do, is scroll down a bit and find the one you’re struggeling with, and the answer will be there.
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Level 1-1: Lightbulb
Level 1-2: Guitar
Level 1-3: Bowling
Level 1-4: Cactus
Level 1-5: Spoon
Level 1-6: Mailbox
Level 1-7: Toilet
Level 1-8: Lemon
Level 1-9: Shovel
Level 1-10: Truck
Level 1-11: Bicycle
Level 1-12: Windmill
Level 1-13: Brush
Level 1-14: Elephant
Level 1-15: Shark
Level 1-16: Banana
Level 1-17: Crab
Level 1-18: Wrench
Level 1-19: Lion
Level 1-20: Rifle