BlindTest Guess The Cartoons Quiz All Level Answers

BlindTest Guess The Cartoons / BlindTest Cartoons Quiz Answers All Levels. The game App is developed by DonBarks and you can get it on Google Play. If you are stuck and need help with an icon puzzle level, then we have gathered a complete list of solutions below with solved Cartoons Quiz answers. BlindTest Guess The Cartoons Quiz features your favourite childhood cartoons from the 80s, 90s and 2000s. There are more than 100 cartoons in the game, so plenty of challenge. Then it’s nice to have solutions by your hand. The game app is amazing because there are complete videos of all intros integrated in the game together with Disney theme songs.
Stay tuned for more answers for BlindTest Guess The Cartoons as the game is updated in the future.
BlindTest Guess The Cartoons Quiz Answers

BlindTest Guess The Cartoons Answers, Solutions, Cheats All Levels

BlindTest Guess The Cartoons Quiz Answers Level 1
Level 1-1: Pokemon
Level 1-2: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Level 1-3: Ducktales
Level 1-4: The Pink Panther
Level 1-5: The Simpsons
Level 1-6: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Level 1-7: Code Lyoko
Level 1-8: Tex Avery
Level 1-9: Looney Tunes
Level 1-10: Scooby-Doo
Level 1-11: Darkwing Duck
Level 1-12: The Adventures Of Tintin
Level 1-13: Spongebob SquarePants
Level 1-14: Johnny Bravo
Level 1-15: Jumanji
Level 1-16: Babar
Level 1-17: Ghostbusters
Level 1-18: Adventure Time
Level 1-19: Batman
Level 1-20: Woody Woodpecker
Level 1-21: Oggy And The Cockroaches
Level 1-22: Totally Spies
Level 1-23: Space Goofs
Level 1-24: Digimon
BlindTest Guess The Cartoons Quiz Answers Level 2
Level 2-1: The Powerpuff Girls
Level 2-2: Talespin
Level 2-3: Dennis The Menace
Level 2-4: The Mysterious Cities Of Gold
Level 2-5: The Angry Beavers
Level 2-6: The Smurfs
Level 2-7: Men In Black
Level 2-8: Medabots
Level 2-9: Hamtaro
Level 2-10: The Mask
Level 2-11: Jackie Chan Adventures
Level 2-12: Pirates
Level 2-13: Nobody’s Boy Remi
Level 2-14: Maya The Bee
Level 2-15: Recess
Level 2-16: Denver The Last Dinosaur
Level 2-17: Wacky Races
Level 2-18: Angela Anaconda
Level 2-19: My Little Pony
Level 2-20: Pinky And The Brain
Level 2-21: Spiderman
Level 2-22: X-Men Evolution
Level 2-23: Barbapapa
Level 2-24: The Animaniacs
BlindTest Guess The Cartoons Quiz Answers Level 3
Level 3-1: Inspector Gadget
Level 3-2: Martin Mystery
Level 3-3: Dragon Ball Z
Level 3-4: Hey Arnold
Level 3-5: Chip’n Dale Rescue Rangers
Level 3-6: Case Closed
Level 3-7: Dexter’s Laboratory
Level 3-8: Captain Tsubasa
Level 3-9: Card Captor Sakura
Level 3-10: George Of The Jungle
Level 3-11: The Gummi Bears
Level 3-12: Taz Mania
Level 3-13: Futurama
Level 3-14: Gundam Wing
Level 3-15: Marsupilami
Level 3-16: The Magic School Bus
Level 3-17: The Flintstones
Level 3-18: Gargoyles
Level 3-19: High School! Kimengumi
Level 3-20: Braceface
Level 3-21: Family Guy
Level 3-22: Doug
Level 3-23: The Wild Thornberrys
Level 3-24: Mask
BlindTest Guess The Cartoons Quiz Answers Level 4
Level 4-1: South Park
Level 4-2: Ed, Edd & Eddy
Level 4-3: Biker Mice From Mars
Level 4-4: The Addams Family
Level 4-5: Once Upon A Time Life
Level 4-6: Saint Seiya
Level 4-7: Rugrats
Level 4-8: Clifford The Big Red Dog
Level 4-9: Krypto The Superdog
Level 4-10: Franklin
Level 4-11: Conan The Adventurer
Level 4-12: Captain Future
Level 4-13: Watch My Chops
Level 4-14: Lucky Luke
Level 4-15: Bob The Builder
Level 4-16: Godzilla
Level 4-17: Grendizer
Level 4-18: City Hunter
Level 4-19: Sailor Moon
Level 4-20: Pole Position
Level 4-21: Attacker You!
Level 4-22: Justice League
Level 4-23: Cow & Chicken
Level 4-24: Captain Planet
BlindTest Guess The Cartoons Quiz Answers Level 5
Level 5-1: Tom Sawyer
Level 5-2: Albert The Fifth Musketeer
Level 5-3: Full Metal Alchemist
Level 5-4: Maison Ikkoku
Level 5-5: Naruto
Level 5-6: Dr Zitbag
Level 5-7: Funky Cops
Level 5-8: Attack On Titan
Level 5-9: Bleach
Level 5-10: Death Note
Level 5-11: Air Gear
Level 5-12: One Piece
Level 5-13: Kim Possible
Level 5-14: Code Geass
Level 5-15: The Legend Of Zelda
Level 5-16: Super Mario Bros
Level 5-17: Sonic Underground
Level 5-18: Asterix & Obelix
Level 5-19: The Vision Of Escaflowne
Level 5-20: Hunter x Hunter
Level 5-21: Captain Caveman
Level 5-22: The Catillac Cats
Level 5-23: Elfen Lied
Level 5-24: Fairy Tail
BlindTest Guess The Cartoons Quiz Answers Level 6
Level 6-1: Phineas And Ferb
Level 6-2: Rocket Power
Level 6-3: Princess Sarah
Level 6-4: Teletubbies
Level 6-5: The Little Mermaid
Level 6-6: Courage The Cowardly Dog
Level 6-7: Princess Gwenevere And The Jewel Riders
Level 6-8: The Lion King
Level 6-9: Beyblade
Level 6-10: Aladdin
Level 6-11: The Aristocats
Level 6-12: My Neighbor Totoro
Level 6-13: Zorro
Level 6-14: The Jungle Book
Level 6-15: Laputa Castle In The Sky
Level 6-16: Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs
Level 6-17: Teen Titans
Level 6-18: Dora The Explorer
Level 6-19: Mulan
Level 6-20: Big Guy And Rusty The Boy Robot
Level 6-21: The 101 Dalmatians
Level 6-22: Tales From The Crypt
Level 6-23: Cat’s Eye
Level 6-24: Pocahontas
BlindTest Guess The Cartoons Quiz Answers Level 7
Level 7-1: Ben 10
Level 7-2: Captain Harlock
Level 7-3: ThunderCats
Level 7-4: Masters Of The Universe
Level 7-5: The Sylvester and Tweety Series
Level 7-6: SOS Croco
Level 7-7: Street Sharks
Level 7-8: Cobra
Level 7-9: Walter Melon
Level 7-10: Cowboy Bebop
Level 7-11: GI Joe
Level 7-12: Archie’s Weird Mysteries
Level 7-13: Eckhart
Level 7-14: Ai Knight
Level 7-15: Jayce and The Wheeled Warriors
Level 7-16: Heidi
Level 7-17: Flipper and Lopaka
Level 7-18: Jimmy Neutron
Level 7-19: Danny Phantom
Level 7-20: Atomic Betty
Level 7-21: Belle and Sebastian
Level 7-22: Tabaluga
Level 7-23: Robinson Sucroe
Level 7-24: Flying Rhino Junior High