brain:code Solutions and Answers All Levels

brain:code – hardest puzzle game ever. Logic brain game. brain:code Solutions, Answers and Walkthrough All Levels. 30 levels. 90% of people won’t complete them all.

• Each command should start from slash.
Example: /menu
• Commands, which have parameters, should have colon after command name.
Example: /rotate:90
• To run command hit run! button. You can run only one command at once.

You can download the game on iTunes and Google Play. Find the solutions and cheats below. A puzzle word game by Brain Training Games Dev. Use our guide for help.
brain:code Solutions and Answers All Levels

brain:code Solutions and Answers All Levels

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brain:code Solutions Levels 1-5

Level 1

❊Command: /Rotate:180

Level 2

❊Command: /Theme:white

Level 3

❊Command: /Anim:stop

Level 4

❊Make 7+1=10-2
❊Command: /select:c1, /Anim:stop, /select:c2, /Anim:stop

Level 5

❊Command: /text:palindrome

Level 6

❊Command: /Anim:start

Level 7

❊Command: /text: _____________________,

Level 8

❊Command: /text:triangle

Level 9

❊Command: /text:I like this game

Level 10

❊Command: /text:384400.

Level 11

❊Command: /text:Italy

Level 12

❊Command: /rotate:180, /text:119 for w, /text:105 for i, /text:115 for s, /text:103 for g, /text:107 for k, /text:100 for d, /text:118 for c.

Level 13

❊Level 13 is missing.

Level 14

❊Command: /text:brown

Level 15

❊Commands: /select:r1, /move:-150,25, /select:r2, /move:75,175, /select:r3, /move:-125,125, /select:r4, /move:125,-75

Level 16

❊Command: /text:Ursa major.

Level 17

❊Command: /text:heart.

Level 18

❊Command: /Anim:start.

Level 19

❊Command: /select:apple, /move:170,-210, /select:banana, /move:-10,-216

Level 20

❊Command: /text:10.

Level 21

❊Command: /text:101

Level 22

❊Command: /select:rabbit, /move:0,80, /move:0,40

Level 23

❊Command: /text:———————

Level 24

❊Turn on airplane mode.

Level 25

❊Scan the QR code.

Level 26

❊Command: /text:acdc.

Level 27

❊Command: /rotate:90, /move:20,20, /rotate:45, /move:0,55.

Level 28

❊Command: /text:11

Level 29

❊Command: /text:13, /text:lazy

Level 30

❊Command: /Anim:start.
❊Use your phone gyroscope to encircle the white dot.