Celebrity Quiz – Guess the Star! – Level Pack 2 Answers

Celebrity Quiz - Guess the Star! - All Level Pack Answers
Cheats for Celebrity Quiz Level Pack 2 answers #1-#25 for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android. The app is created by Gabriel Silviu Stefan. The Celebrity Quiz is a fun word puzzle game! Challenge yourself to guess the famous celebrities.
If you get stuck, then use our walkthrough guide below. There are over 150+ icons to solve with multiple levels of difficulty.
Solutions for Celebrity Quiz – Guess the Star! – Level Pack 2:
Level 2-1: Michael Jackson
Level 2-2: 50 Cent
Level 2-3: Kylie Minogue
Level 2-4: Paul Newman
Level 2-5: Kesha
Level 2-6: Hugh Hefner
Level 2-7: George Bush
Level 2-8: Naomi Campbell
Level 2-9: Vin Diesel
Level 2-10: Mariah Carey
Level 2-11: Elton John
Level 2-12: Prince William
Level 2-13: Goldie Hawn
Level 2-14: Jackie Chan
Level 2-15: Larry King
Level 2-16: Usher
Level 2-17: Victoria
Level 2-18: Robert Downey Jr
Level 2-19: Harry Styles
Level 2-20: Gwyneth Paltrow
Level 2-21: Vince Vaughn
Level 2-22: Nicki Minaj
Level 2-23: Tom Cruise
Level 2-24: Demi Moore
Level 2-25: Shakespeare