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Celebs Pop Level 10 Answers

Celebs Pop
Are you looking for a guide for level 10 of the game Celebs Pop by Wise Hero Limited?
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Level 10-171: Bradley Cooper
Level 10-172: Alicia Keys
Level 10-173: Jennifer Lawrence
Level 10-174: Marilyn Monroe
Level 10-175: Michael Douglas
Level 10-176: Kirsten Dunst
Level 10-177: Alec Baldwin
Level 10-178: Lady Gaga
Level 10-179: Jason Alexander
Level 10-180: Shia Labeouf
Level 10-181: Zac Efron
Level 10-182: Ice T
Level 10-183: Bette Midler
Level 10-184: Christina Aguilera
Level 10-185: David Beckham
Level 10-186: David Letterman
Level 10-187: Audrey Hepburn
Level 10-188: Christ Walken
Level 10-189: Jodie Foster
Level 10-190: Mick Jagger