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Celebs Pop Level 12 Answers

Celebs Pop
Are you looking for a complete guide for level 12 of the game Celebs Pop? The game is created by Wise Hero Limited, and it’s a super fun game, for those of you out there that likes celebrities! In this game you’ll see an old image of a celebrity, and from that and the letters available, you will have to try and guess which celebrity is the correct answer.
If any of these are hard, that’s where guidesetc.com will help you get the solutions right.
Level 12-211: Josh Brolin
Level 12-212: Stevie Wonder
Level 12-213: Sarah Gellar
Level 12-214: Joaquin Phoenix
Level 12-215: Jessica Simpson
Level 12-216: Ryan Seacrest
Level 12-217: Wentworth Miller
Level 12-218: Lindsay Lohan
Level 12-219: Sharon Stone
Level 12-220: 50 Cent
Level 12-221: Jon Hamm
Level 12-222: JGL
Level 12-223: Pharrell Williams
Level 12-224: Lil Wayne
Level 12-225: Kate Beckinsale
Level 12-226: Kenan Thompson
Level 12-227: Nicki Minaj
Level 12-228: Daniel Radcliffe
Level 12-229: Paul Mccartney
Level 12-230: Dr Dre