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Celebs Pop Level 2 Answers

Celebs Pop
Are you looking for a guide for level 2 of the game Celebs Pop by Wise Hero Limited? We got such guide for you right here at guidesetc.com!
Sit back and scroll down a bit, and you’ll find all the answers, that you’ll need to complete this 2nd level.
In this game you’ll see an image of a celebrity. Only thing is that it’s an image from when they were young. That makes it a little more difficult to guess, but that’s also what makes this game fun.
Level 2-11: Oprah Winfrey
Level 2-12: George Bush
Level 2-13: Bill Clinton
Level 2-14: Barack Obama
Level 2-15: Michelle Obama
Level 2-16: Hillary Clinton
Level 2-17: John Travolta
Level 2-18: Richard Gere
Level 2-19: Mel Gibson
Level 2-20: Jim Carey
Level 2-21: Sylverster Stallone
Level 2-22: Denzel Washington
Level 2-23: Drew Barrymore
Level 2-24: Madonna
Level 2-25: Mariah Carey
Level 2-26: Robert Downey Jr
Level 2-27: Vin Diesel
Level 2-28: Justin Bieber
Level 2-29: Justin Timberlake
Level 2-30: Jennifer Aniston