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Celebs Pop Level 3 Answers

Celebs Pop
Searching the internet for a guide for level 3 of the game Celebs Pop by Wise Hero Limited?
We completed all the questions in this level and below you’ll find all the answers for all the images of celebs that you’ll need to get on to level 4.
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Level 3-31: Mark Wahlberg
Level 3-32: Pierce Brosnan
Level 3-33: Jerry Seinfeld
Level 3-34: Vince Vaughn
Level 3-35: Owen Wilson
Level 3-36: Will Ferrell
Level 3-37: Ben Stiller
Level 3-38: Chris Rock
Level 3-39: Russel Crowe
Level 3-40: Johnny Depp
Level 3-41: Matt Damon
Level 3-42: Ben Affleck
Level 3-43: The Rock
Level 3-44: Clint Eastwood
Level 3-45: George Clooney
Level 3-46: Leonardo Dicaprio
Level 3-47: Kate Hudson
Level 3-48: Ellen Degeneres
Level 3-49: Al Pacino
Level 3-50: Robert De Niro