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Celebs Pop Level 4 Answers

Celebs Pop
If you are looking for a guide for level 4 of the game Celebs Pop by wise hero limited this is the place to look.
We completed level 4, and below you’ll find all the answers and solutions you’ll need in order to complete level 4 of this great game.
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Level 4-51: Jessica Alba
Level 4-52: Paris Hilton
Level 4-53: Charlie Sheen
Level 4-54: Beyonce
Level 4-55: Adam Levine
Level 4-56: Ashton Kutcher
Level 4-57: Britney Spears
Level 4-58: Jack Black
Level 4-59: Barbra Streisand
Level 4-60: Jack Nicholson
Level 4-61: Lindsay Lohan
Level 4-62: Keanu Reeves
Level 4-63: Anne Hathaway
Level 4-64: Homer Simpson
Level 4-65: Natalie Portman
Level 4-66: Cameron Diaz
Level 4-67: Kobe Bryant
Level 4-68: Shaq
Level 4-69: Magic Johnson
Level 4-70: Harrison Ford