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Celebs Pop Level 5 Answers

Celebs Pop
Searching for a guide with solutions for level 5 of the game Celebs Pop by Wise Hero Limited? We got all the answers you’ll need to complete that level, right here on your #1 website for game guides for iPhone, iPad and Android – guidesetc.com.
Just scroll down a little, and you’ll find all the answers you’ll need in order to complete the 5th level of this game.
Level 5-71: Robin Williams
Level 5-72: Rihanna
Level 5-73: Ryan Reynolds
Level 5-74: Daniel Craig
Level 5-75: Michael Phelps
Level 5-76: Demi Moore
Level 5-77: Meryl Streep
Level 5-78: Jamie Foxx
Level 5-79: Whitney Houston
Level 5-80: Bill Murray
Level 5-81: Emma Watson
Level 5-82: Liam Neeson
Level 5-83: Adam Sandler
Level 5-84: Taylor Lautner
Level 5-85: Kristen Stewart
Level 5-86: Scarlett Johansson
Level 5-87: Taylor Swift
Level 5-88: Katy Perry
Level 5-89: Jay Z
Level 5-90: Christian Bale