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Celebs Pop Level 7 Answers

If you are looking for a complete guide for level 7 of the game Celebs Pop by Wise Hero Limited you should check out this guide.
We completed the levels and below you’ll find all the solutions needed to get on to level 8.
Celebs Pop
Level 111: Ryan Gosling
Level 112: George Clooney
Level 113: John Goodman
Level 114: Jamie Lee Curtis
Level 115: Morgan Freeman
Level 116: Bruno Mars
Level 117: Julia Roberts
Level 118: Elijah Wood
Level 119: Kim Kardashian
Level 120: Kanye West
Level 121: Jennifer Garner
Level 122: Mila Kunis
Level 123: Paul Rudd
Level 124: John Cusack
Level 125: Al Gore
Level 126: Eminem
Level 127: Mike Tyson
Level 128: Robert Pattinson
Level 129: Hugh Jackman
Level 130: Lebron James