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Celebs Pop Level 8 Answers

Celebs Pop
If you’re on the lookout for a complete guide for level 8 of the game Celebs Pop by Wise Hero Limited, this is the place to look.
We got all the solutions you’ll need in order to complete level 8 of the game.
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Level 8-131: Michael J Fox
Level 8-132: Jonah Hill
Level 8-133: Charlize Theron
Level 8-134: Usher
Level 8-135: Catherine Zeta Jones
Level 8-136: Susan Sarandon
Level 8-137: Jackie Chan
Level 8-138: Chevy Chase
Level 8-139: Selena Gomez
Level 8-140: Halle Berry
Level 8-141: Nicolas Cage
Level 8-142: Nicole Kidman
Level 8-143: Elvis Presley
Level 8-144: Matthew Perry
Level 8-145: David Schwimmer
Level 8-146: Matt Leblanc
Level 8-147: Courteney Cox
Level 8-148: Jessica Parker
Level 8-149: Jennifer Hudson
Level 8-150: Jeremy Renner