Celebs Quiz – Who is that? – Level 4 – Complete Walkthrough

Do you like quiz games? Then you’ll enjoy this new game called Celebs Quiz – Who is that? It’s made by symblCrowd GmbH. The objective of the game is to type in the correct name of a series of celebrities with a picture of each as help.
Below we’ll show you a picture of level 4 with the answers to all of the images below.
Keira Knightley
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Eros Ramazzotti
Sylvester Stallone
Morgan Freeman
George Washington
Stevie Wonder
Tom Cruise
Bud Spencer
Adam Sandler
Samuel L. Jackson
David Hasselhoff
Mario Gomez
Zac Efron
Beyonce Knowles
Thomas Gottschalk
Lionel Messi
Alicia Keys
Wayne Rooney
Roger Federer