Celebs Quiz – Who is that? – Level 8 – Complete Walkthrough

Do you like quiz games? Then you’ll enjoy this new game called Celebs Quiz – Who is that? It’s made by symblCrowd GmbH. The objective of the game is to type in the correct name of a series of celebrities with a picture of each as help. Below we’ll show you a picture of level 8 with the answers to all of the images below.
– Bill Gates
– Vitali Klitschko
– Taylor Swift
– Bill Clinton
– Al Pacino
– John Travolta
– Nelson Mandela
– Fernando Torres
– Sean Connery
– Ashley Tisdale
– Kevin James
– Mark Webber
– Jürgen Klopp
– Bradley Cooper
– Lindsay Lohan
– Oprah Winfrey
– Miroslav Klose
– Michael Ballack
– Jennifer Love Hewitt
– Tupac Shakur