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City Quiz Guess the city Answers Level 61-80

City Quiz - Guess the city Answers Answers for City Quiz – Guess the city Level #61 – #80. The app is created by Mangoo Games and works with iPhone, iPad and iPod. The concept is simple, you have 4 photos and you must guess which city they are! How many will you be able to recognise? If you are stuck we have the answers below.
Come and test your geography skills! where we have to guess the city from the 4 related photos. This game is very easy to play and I spent most of my time yesterday completing all the levels. As always you will find help here to solve the levels of City Quiz. If you need answer for any specific level please leave a comment below..
Please help us if you have any answers for this game! Thanks. Just leave a comment below and you will be credited in the post.
City Quiz Guess the city Answers Level 61-80: 
Answer level 61 Marrakesh
Answer level 62 Petra
Answer level 63 Stockholm
Answer level 64 Zurich
Answer level 65 Auckland
Answer level 66 Ho Chi Minh
Answer level 67 Seattle
Answer level 68 Singapore
Answer level 69 Chiang Mai
Answer level 70 Mai
Answer level 71 Palermo
Answer level 72 Macau
Answer level 73 Mexico City
Answer level 74 Ushuaia
Answer level 75 Buenos Aires
Answer level 76 Bogota
Answer level 77 Boston
Answer level 78 Siem Reap
Answer level 79 Bali
Answer level 80 Oslo