Close Up Celebs Level 1 Answers – Music Star Edition

close up celebs - music star edition
Are you looking for a complete guide for the first level of the game Close Up Celebs – Music Star Edition by Mediaflex Games?
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In this game you’ll see a close up picture of a music star, and from that you’ll need to guess which music star it shows.
Some of them are quite hard, others are fairly easy.
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Level 1-1: Rihanna
Level 1-2: Michael Jackson
Level 1-3: Taylor Swift
Level 1-4: Elvis Presley
Level 1-5: Madonna
Level 1-6: Amy Winehouse
Level 1-7: Elton John
Level 1-8: Eminem
Level 1-9: Britney Spears
Level 1-10: John Lennon