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Close Up Fashion Answers All Levels

Close Up Fashion Answers, cheats and solutions. This game has been created by Mediaflex Games for iPhone and iPad and can be downloaded for free on iTunes and AppStore.
You will have to guess a fashion object from a zoomed up picture as fast as you can. Quite simple, but yet so hard. Some of the levels you might guess quite fast, while others are a bit more tricky. If you’re stuck on this puzzle game, hopefully our guide below will help you through it.
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Close Up Fashion Answers, Solutions, Cheats

Close Up Fashion Answers Level 1:
Level 1-1: Jeans
Level 1-2: Sunglasses
Level 1-3: Tie
Level 1-4: Tuxedo
Level 1-5: Slippers
Level 1-6: Cap
Level 1-7: Xmas Jumper
Level 1-8: Flip flops
Level 1-9: Shirt
Level 1-10: Wooly Gloves
Close Up Fashion Answers Level 2:
Level 2-1: Hoodie
Level 2-2: Bra
Level 2-3: Biker Jacket
Level 2-4: Stiletto Shoes
Level 2-5: Poncho
Level 2-6: Basque
Level 2-7: Cardigan
Level 2-8: Wedding Dress
Level 2-9: Ankle Socks
Level 2-10: Stockings
Close Up Fashion Answers Level 3:
Level 3-1: Earmuffs
Level 3-2: Bikini
Level 3-3: Mittens
Level 3-4: Boxer Shorts
Level 3-5: Tank Top
Level 3-6: Beach Shorts
Level 3-7: Halter Neck Top
Level 3-8: Trilby Hat
Level 3-9: Fascinator
Level 3-10: Trouser Braces
Close Up Fashion Answers Level 4:
Level 4-1: Beanie Hat
Level 4-2: Cocktail Dress
Level 4-3: Swimsuit
Level 4-4: Cufflinks
Level 4-5: Bangles
Level 4-6: Ankle Boots
Level 4-7: Trench Coat
Level 4-8: Top Hat
Level 4-9: Cowboy Boots
Level 4-10: Earrings
Close Up Fashion Answers Level 5:
Level 5-1: Cossack Hat
Level 5-2: Tights
Level 5-3: T-Shirt
Level 5-4: Skater Skirt
Level 5-5: Knickers
Level 5-6: Blazer
Level 5-7: Straw Hat
Level 5-8: Wellingtons
Level 5-9: Onesie
Level 5-10: Watch
Close Up Fashion Answers Level 6:
Level 6-1: Belt
Level 6-2: Jumpsuit
Level 6-3: Dressing Gown
Level 6-4: Handbag
Level 6-5: Ballet Pumps
Level 6-6: Faux Fur Coat
Level 6-7: Gypsy Top
Level 6-8: Gilet
Level 6-9: Nightgown
Level 6-10: Leather Gloves
Close Up Fashion Answers Level 7:
Level 7-1: Duffle Coat
Level 7-2: Denim Shorts
Level 7-3: Tiara
Level 7-4: Bandeau Dress
Level 7-5: Argyle Socks
Level 7-6: Pencil Skirt
Level 7-7: Trousers
Level 7-8: Satchel
Level 7-9: Dinner Shirt
Level 7-10: Bow Tie
Close Up Fashion Answers Level 8:
Level 8-1: Platform Shoe
Level 8-2: Flat Cap
Level 8-3: Jumper
Level 8-4: Sheepskin Coat
Level 8-5: Kaftan
Level 8-6: Salopettes
Level 8-7: Waistcoat
Level 8-8: Bowler Hat
Level 8-9: Bracelet
Level 8-10: Scarf
Close Up Fashion Answers Level 9:
Level 9-1: Blouse
Level 9-2: Shrug
Level 9-3: Beret
Level 9-4: Prom Dress
Level 9-5: Polo Neck Jumper
Level 9-6: Pyjamas
Level 9-7: Fleece Jacket
Level 9-8: Y-Fronts
Level 9-9: Trainers
Level 9-10: Leg Warmers
Close Up Fashion Answers Level 10:
Level 10-1: Jodhpurs
Level 10-2: Cotton Gloves
Level 10-3: Makeup Box
Level 10-4: Bonnet
Level 10-5: Culottes
Level 10-6: Rugby Jersey
Level 10-7: Polo Shirt
Level 10-8: Chef Hat
Level 10-9: Maxi Skirt
Level 10-10: Shoulder Bag