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Clue Pics – Guess the Saying Answers Level 1-100

Complete list of answers for Clue Pics Level #1-#100+ for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod. The game app is made by APPDREAMZ.
Know your catchphrases? Can you crack the clue? If not just use our walkthrough below! This amazing picture and word puzzle game features over 250 levels and we have the answers. From the creators of the smash hit #1 puzzle app “WHATS THE SAYING?” The game features 6 Categories: SAYINGS, MOVIES, FAMOUS PEOPLE, LANDMARKS, BRANDS and CITIES.
Clue Pics – Guess the Saying Solutions Level 1-100:
Level 1: tom cruise
Level 2: sky fall
Level 3: golden eye
Level 4: men in black
Level 5: niagara falls
Level 6: the dark knight
Level 7: white house
Level 8: justin bieber
Level 9: fingers crossed
Level 10: below par
Level 11: jim carrey
Level 12: ri hanna
Level 13: search up and down
Level 14: big ben
Level 15: an open mind
Level 16: final destination
Level 17: the lion king
Level 18: great wall of china
Level 19: american pie
Level 20: total recall
Level 21: iron man
Level 22: colosseum
Level 23: casino royale
Level 24: eiffel tower
Level 25: no pain no gain
Level 26: the day after tomorrow
Level 27: celine dion
Level 28: in the hot seat
Level 29: elton john
Level 30: gone in sixty second
Level 31: pull your own weight
Level 32: face off
Level 33: times square
Level 34: sharon stone
Level 35: leaning tower of pisa
Level 36: the evil dead
Level 37: the matrix reloaded
Level 38: morgan freeman
Level 39: do or die
Level 40: air force one
Level 41: beyonce
Level 42: usain bolt
Level 43: toy story
Level 44: broken arow
Level 45: missing link
Level 46: independence day
Level 47: empire state building
Level 48: oceans eleven
Level 49: great pyramid
Level 50: green with envy
Level 51: elvis presley
Level 52: zero dark thirty
Level 53: no country for old men
Level 54: for once in my life
Level 55: moral support
Level 56: million dollar baby
Level 57: justin timberlake
Level 58: transformers
Level 59: forbidden city
Level 60: stonehenge
Level 61: hit the roof
Level 62: american beauty
Level 63: black hawk down
Level 64: back to the future
Level 65: drad me to hell
Level 66: great barrier reef
Level 67: kate winslet
Level 68: red square
Level 69: harrison ford
Level 70: me against all odd
Level 71: up in the air
Level 72: burst your bubble
Level 73: caught in the act
Level 74: friday the thirteenth
Level 75: the last samurai
Level 76: first blood
Level 77: vantage point
Level 78: britney spears
Level 79: marilyn monroe
Level 80: golden gate bridge
Level 81: kevin spacey
Level 82: horrible bosses
Level 83: cameron diaz
Level 84: amazon rainforest
Level 85: robin hood
Level 86: the perfect storm
Level 87: knight and day
Level 88: the kings speech
Level 89: split second timing
Level 90: go up in smoke
Level 91: shutter island
Level 92: green zone
Level 93: deals in the bag
Level 94: marlon brando
Level 95: the silence of the lambs
Level 96: shop till you drop
Level 97: scarface
Level 98: nelson mandela
Level 99: brokeback mountain
Level 100: time after time