CodyCross Group 1 Puzzle 1 Answers

CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles a game app by Fanatee. An intellectual word game. Look below to find help with the Group 1 Puzzle 1 answers and solutions.

Group 1 Puzzle 1

One of the days of the week THURSDAY 
Parts of a TV show EPISODES 
Computer network without cables WIRELESS 
Ocular covering worn by a pirate EYEPATCH 
Bread-making shops BAKERIES 
Compelling attractiveness CHARISMA 
A person who works full-time for a company EMPLOYEE 
To be agitated or exhausted, troubled STRESSED 
Leaves of coriander used as a garnish CILANTRO 
90s Spanish dance craze; biggest one-hit wonder MACARENA 
Characteristic of rapid spreading disease EPIDEMIC