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CodyCross Planet Earth Group 10 Puzzle 1-5

CodyCross Planet Earth Group 10 Puzzle 1-5 Answers and Solutions. Crossword Puzzles game app by Fanatee. You can play tons of puzzles for free on adventure mode or subscribe for special packs in this word game.

Puzzle 1 – Greenwich Meridian

Public park in Manhattan built on an old railway – HIGHLINE
A deep sky blue – CERULEAN
__ Island, tale of “buccaneers and buried gold” – TREASURE
__ Beauty, a fairy tale version by Disney – SLEEPING
Company that manufactures Chuck Taylor sneakers – CONVERSE
Antonym of weak, helpless, insignificant – POWERFUL
Rosie Huntington-__, a Victoria’s Secret model – WHITELEY
This green vegetable is 96% water – CUCUMBER
Capital of Turkmenistan – ASHGABAT
Artform and genre of music in South Spain – FLAMENCO
50’s western TV series about gambling brothers – MAVERICK
Identification used to sign into a computer – USERNAME
Weapons and ammo used in combat – MUNITION
The act of being gentle to other people – KINDNESS
To find your way somewhere – NAVIGATE
A glass-enclosed room to allow in sunlight – SOLARIUM
Italian Renaissance painter, __ Daddi – BERNARDO
Illuminated backlit container used in photography – LIGHTBOX
Airport area where you pick up family and friends – ARRIVALS
Light of the biggest star – SUNSHINE
Taking a little of the top or the side – TRIMMING
Composer Franz, nicknamed “The Little Mushroom” – SCHUBERT
English Civil War leader and Lord Protector – CROMWELL
Star-like symbol in text, directs to a footnote – ASTERISK
This person plans and builds using math and physics – ENGINEER
Brown spice from tree bark – CINNAMON

Puzzle 2 – Conservation Areas

In chess, each player has sixteen of these – PIECES
Hong Kong __ was a martial art cartoon in 1974 – PHOOEY
Transparent eye part that protects iris and pupil – CORNEA
__, rats and rabbits are animals that cannot vomit – HORSES
Icy celestial bodies that orbit around the Sun – COMETS
Dame Helen __, English actress – MIRREN
Plural for baby cows; lower leg muscle – CALVES
Sirens lived in the sea, __ in springs and brooks – NAIADS
Thick, sugary liquid made by flowers – NECTAR
Narrow valley with steep sides made by water – RAVINE
Territory invaded and occupied by a nation – COLONY
__ Weissmuller, swimmer who turned into Tarzan – JOHNNY
Long collarless shirts from South Asia – KURTAS
The name of a streetcar – DESIRE
Last meal of the day, also called dinner – SUPPER
Middle Eastern marketplace, shopping area – BAZAAR
Keep in custody by authority of the law – ARREST
Yellow line in London’s underground – CIRCLE
Ant community – COLONY
Not real; outward appearance; a building face – FACADE
Digital representation – AVATAR
Posh and arrogant, stuck up – SNOOTY
Isambard Kingdom __; 19th-century genius engineer – BRUNEL
Northernmost Scandinavian country – NORWAY
Towards the back of the ship – ASTERN
__ black sheep, have you any wool? – BAABAA

Puzzle 3 – Cyclonic Storms

This is popped off to enjoy a soft drink – BOTTLECAP
Annihilator – DESTROYER
To record events as they evolve – CHRONICLE
Sport contest that consists of 10 different events – DECATHLON
Dr. No was the first film featuring this hero – JAMESBOND
Group name of Cape Verde islands – SOTAVENTO
“Lonely game”, often played on computers – SOLITAIRE
Pain in or around fangs or gums – TOOTHACHE
Amy __, English singer who died in 2011 – WINEHOUSE
It knows no law – NECESSITY
John __, originator of the flushing water closet – HARINGTON
Archaeologist, before the word was coined – ANTIQUARY
The dark time between evening and morning – NIGHTTIME
A prophetic priestess of Apollo – PYTHONESS
Famous gladiator – SPARTACUS
Dr. No was the first film featuring this hero – JAMESBOND
Antonym of knowledge, which is perhaps bliss – IGNORANCE
Popular pasta usually topped with red sauce – SPAGHETTI
Disagreement; what a lawyer would say – OBJECTION
Person who saves swimmers – LIFEGUARD
A very short one-piece garment – MINIDRESS

Puzzle 4 – Humboldt Current

Garment often worn before and after shower – BATHROBE
How many words a picture is worth – THOUSAND
Whispers words to forgetful actors – PROMPTER
Storage space for food and dishes – CUPBOARD
Control over all of a market; a famous board game – MONOPOLY
Someone who just got married – NEWLYWED
Compact self-contained gaming device – HANDHELD
Opposite of Southern – NORTHERN
Chinese dog breed, also known as Tang Quan – CHOWCHOW
Convulsions is another name for __ – SEIZURES
Go-devil, hay sweep – BUCKRAKE
Edible spore bearing fruit of a fungus – MUSHROOM
First part of the small intestine – DUODENUM
Mathematician played by Russell Crowe in a movie – JOHNNASH
Apparition, specter, illusion of something – PHANTASM
Afternoon toasted treatswith holes on top – CRUMPETS
A merry-go-round is known as what in the US – CAROUSEL
Not in-the-know; lacks knowledge – IGNORANT
Bone structure that supports an organism – SKELETON
__ Crusoe was alone on an island – ROBINSON
A thin, cylindrical glass container used in a lab – TESTTUBE

Puzzle 5 – Tropic of Cancer

No longer exists – EXTINCT
Marvin the __ came from space to blow up the Earth – MARTIAN
Program that lets you surf the web – BROWSER
Commander of a ship or airplane – CAPTAIN
Acrophobia is the fear of __ – HEIGHTS
Paper proving you paid – RECEIPT
Famous for unintentional (or not) word plays – SPOONER
Clothing worn by members of an organization – UNIFORM
Cutout of a shape or design used multiple times – STENCIL
Multi-Unit Space Transport and Recovery Device – MUSTARD
Country in Europe next to Kosovo and Greece – ALBANIA
The last one was in James F. Cooper’s novel – MOHICAN
Food eaten to finish a meal, usually sweet – DESSERT
They look like snakes with feet – LIZARDS
Flawless – PERFECT
Goods from home sold in other countries – EXPORTS
Organic material used for energy production – BIOMASS
Peanut butter preference – CRUNCHY
Surname of stuntman Colt from The Fall Guy – SEAVERS