CodyCross Planet Earth Group 2 All Puzzle Answers

CodyCross Planet Earth Group 2 Answers. Crossword Puzzles game app by Fanatee.

Group 2 Puzzle 1

__ Crusoe, legendary shipwrecked character by Defoe – ROBINSON
Someone who fights in a ring – WRESTLER
Michael Jackson”s song, perfect for Halloween – THRILLER
Santa’s flying four-legged helper – REINDEER
Intimate women’s apparel; lace, silk or satin – LINGERIE
Laughing light-heartedly – GIGGLING
Cleaning between the teeth with thread – FLOSSING
Uncontrolled emotional outburst – MELTDOWN
Advance beyond established parameters – ENCROACH
Shapes with eight sides – OCTAGONS
Item used to cool the engine in a car – RADIATOR
Involves general ideas, it’s not concrete – ABSTRACT

Group 2 Puzzle 2

“Finders__, losers weepers” – KEEPERS
Term for male spouse – HUSBAND
Statue of __; US pride; present from France – LIBERTY
Collagen used in products from candy to cosmetics – GELATIN
Someone who trespasses to catch animals illegally – POACHER
Item from the past, not modern – ANTIQUE
Bram Stoker’s most famous book – DRACULA
Deepest known part of the Pacific Ocean: __ Trench – MARIANA
Large soft fabric used as bed covering – BLANKET
Small breed of dog named after an island – MALTESE
Dakota __, actress in Fifty Shades of Grey – JOHNSON

Group 2 Puzzle 3

A small wooden home placed on trees for animals – BIRDHOUSE
Mechanical piece used to spray water – SPRINKLER
The story of somebody’s life – BIOGRAPHY
The_Republic shares an island with Haiti – DOMINICAN
Rinsing aid for teeth and gums – MOUTHWASH
Silk canopy helps aircraft escapees – PARACHUTE
So easy to operate that it’s impossible to go wrong – FOOLPROOF
Significant, key, vital – IMPORTANT
A __, a good luck charm; should be hung facing up – HORSESHOE
Encouraged, given the impetus to go ahead – MOTIVATED
Made of Orleans – JOANOFARC
US retired track and field athlete – CARLLEWIS
Person who directs an orchestral perfomance – CONDUCTOR
Wireless network that can be used to transfer data – BLUETOOTH
Someone you tell secrets to – CONFIDANT
Car piloted by the Dark Knight in the comics – BATMOBILE
Sang songs to impress or win someone’s heart – SERENADED

Group 2 Puzzle 4

Not perfect – FLAWED
Nearly 25,000 perished constructing this canal – PANAMA
Felines go crazy for this herb – CATNIP
Housebuilding animal whose teeth never stop growing – BEAVER
GIF: Graphics Interchange __ – FORMAT
He is known for his mathematical lithographs – ESCHER
Dairy product made by churning milk – BUTTER
Synonym for thin – SKINNY
What astronauts use to go into space – ROCKET
Popular Mexican destination – CANCUN
Magical or poisonous drink from fairy tales – POTION
Greek city-state depicted in the film 300 – SPARTA
Image, video hosting site bought by Yahoo in 2005 – FLICKR
Country music legend, cannabis activist, __ Nelson – WILLIE
Put fluid in the body with a syringe – INJECT

Group 2 Puzzle 5

Item brought into another country to be sold – IMPORT
Interstellar cloud of gas and dust – NEBULA
One who proofreads a book for publication – EDITOR
A tree that weeps – WILLOW
Another name for a stylus on a record-player – NEEDLE
To inflict harm on behalf of another harmed – AVENGE
Sauce commonly served with fish sticks – TARTAR
Engineless plane – GLIDER
Person with special knowledge in a subject – EXPERT
Home country of pop group ABBA – SWEDEN
Stocking holder used in wedding tradition – GARTER
Rick__,The Walking Dead”s male protagonist – GRIMES
Game of skill, throwing rings over blocks – HOOPLA
Puzzle, enigma with veiled meaning – RIDDLE