CodyCross Planet Earth Group 6 Puzzle 1-5

CodyCross Planet Earth Group 6 Puzzles 1-5 Answers and Solutions. Crossword Puzzles game app by Fanatee.

Group 6 Puzzle 1

Heavily-disputed holy city of three religions – JERUSALEM
Galaxy named after a Greek princess – ANDROMEDA
The didgeridoo comes from this country – AUSTRALIA
A humorous name for a Model T Ford – TINLIZZIE
Fear of bees – APIPHOBIA
Someone who travels or stays with you – COMPANION
Social media made with photos of users – INSTAGRAM
A billionaire engineer who became a superhero – TONYSTARK
Jamaica competed in this 1988 Winter Olympic sport – BOBSLEIGH
Expressionless, blank, numb, deadpan, impassive – CATATONIC
A musket should not be used to kill it – BUTTERFLY
A large geographic area – TERRITORY
Controversial English poet of the 19th century – LORDBYRON
The fourth one was D’Artagnan – MUSKETEER
Outstanding actions – PROWESSES
Empire’s headquarters built and destroyed twice – DEATHSTAR

Group 6 Puzzle 2

A piece of garment used by men and women – RAINCOAT
Peter __ is Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones – DINKLAGE
The genus of peppers – CAPSICUM
Giant beast resembling an elephant in the Bible – BEHEMOTH
Stock __, where stocks can be bought and sold – EXCHANGE
Conspirators – PLOTTERS
Characterized by or showing a vindictive spirit – VENGEFUL
A container for the disposal of garbage – TRASHCAN
Deflection; can happen with bullets – RICOCHET
Obstruction in the lungs is a __ of the airways – BLOCKAGE
A bulbous perennial herb native to the Mediterranean – HYACINTH
__ at the O.K. Corral, western with B. Lancaster – GUNFIGHT
Someone who is skilled with machines, appliances – ENGINEER

Group 6 Puzzle 3

The capital of Georgia (the country) – TBILISI
Fettuccine is often covered by this white sauce – ALFREDO
Yuri __, first man to travel in outer space – GAGARIN
Man who saw the ghosts of Christmas – SCROOGE
Mini Hawaiian guitar – UKULELE
Feeling of being unhappy – SADNESS
___ Hart, US country musician and songwriter – FREDDIE
Winter, summer, autumn and spring – SEASONS
Something that occurs on its own without help – NATURAL
Hedgehog-like animal aka spiny anteater – ECHIDNA

Group 6 Puzzle 4

A lion-headed monster that breathes fire – CHIMERA
The __, or sea cow, is a large marine mammal – MANATEE
A person who checks the accuracy of accounts – AUDITOR
OTC: Over-the-__ drug – COUNTER
Supply of weapons to be used – ARSENAL
Brightest Star in the constellation of Scorpius – ANTARES
Liquid spread on art to dry shiny – VARNISH
War famed for the Charge of the Light Brigade – CRIMEAN
__ Duncan, US innovator, dancer and choreographer – ISADORA
Rubber bag inflated with air or helium – BALLOON
Initiates a car’s engine – STARTER
Slang for premature baby – PREEMIE
A sublime state achieved in Buddhism – NIRVANA
Island nation in the African south-eastern coast – COMOROS
People use mascara to enhance each of them – EYELASH
Layered pastry from Austria filled with sweets – STRUDEL
Big __, reality show about contestants in a house – BROTHER
High __, musical with Bing Crosby and Sinatra – SOCIETY
Punk rock pioneers – RAMONES
Flattening, removing wrinkles from clothes – IRONING

Group 6 Puzzle 5

A typeface with characteristics of handwriting – SCRIPT
Place for relaxation, rest, vacation – RESORT
Item dropped into the water to hold a boat in place – ANCHOR
To go to an event, listen, watch – ATTEND
Someone who analyzes and evaluates something – CRITIC
Small bones in the foot – TARSAL
__ Camus, contributed to the philosophy of absurdism – ALBERT
Seven Minutes in __, teenage party game in a closet – HEAVEN
Small amount of something that exemplifies the whole – SAMPLE
Stevie Wonder hit, My __ Amour – CHERIE
Timmy __ has fairy godparents – TURNER
Part of a garment used to store small items – POCKET
Next to Kenya, Congo, and South Sudan – UGANDA