CodyCross Planet Earth Group 7 Puzzle 1-5

CodyCross Planet Earth Group 7 Puzzles 1-5 Answers and Solutions. Crossword Puzzles game app by Fanatee.

Group 7 Puzzle 1

Process for reproducing shading in print – HALFTONE
Fight, row, bicker – SQUABBLE
Live From New York It’s __ Night! – SATURDAY
__ Gross, Austrian doctor convicted for his crimes – HEINRICH
Gangsta’s __, anthem of 90s Pfeiffer film – PARADISE
Ann Patchett book about opera hostage situation – BELCANTO
Bermuda __, vanishing geometry – TRIANGLE
Culinary term for garnishing with almonds – AMANDINE
Causing great fear, terror – DREADFUL
French National Day; medieval prison in Paris – BASTILLE
Home to a gold swimmer before being flushed – FISHBOWL
Literal meaning of planet – WANDERER
Program written directly on hardware – FIRMWARE

Group 7 Puzzle 2

Not seeming of this world, supernatural – UNEARTHLY
A new and exciting experience – ADVENTURE
Outer layer of cells covering the body – EPIDERMIS
She was the one who invented the miniskirt – MARYQUANT
Maze, fantasy movie starring David Bowie – LABYRINTH
Famous get-out-of-trouble knife – SWISSARMY
A collection of an artist’s work – PORTFOLIO
In Greek __, Sirens lure sailors to their death – MYTHOLOGY
Edible fruit; popular candy; gum flavor – RASPBERRY
British Overseas Territory near Spain – GIBRALTAR
A branch of the Christian group – MENNONITE
British king who had six wives, two were beheaded – HENRYVIII
Increase in prices; reduction in purchasing power – INFLATION
What faith can move – MOUNTAINS

Group 7 Puzzle 3

Considered world’s language for business – ENGLISH
Starch from the cassava root; a pudding flavor – TAPIOCA
Extremely intense or nervous – JITTERY
Someone spacey – AIRHEAD
Heir of Denethor II in The Lord of the Rings – BOROMIR
To cut or separate tissues for study – DISSECT
Someone who plays a large stringed instrument – HARPIST
Italian painter and architect of the Renaissance – RAPHAEL
When an airplane leaves the ground to fly – TAKEOFF
The letter in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s work – SCARLET
This can be caused by peanuts, seafood, pollen – ALLERGY

Group 7 Puzzle 4

Something that can be felt with hands – PALPABLE
Small wind instrument with whistle mouthpiece – RECORDER
Lunar phase when the moon is totally illuminated – FULLMOON
Pasta shaped as small curved tubes – MACARONI
A college classic drinking game with mini balls – BEERPONG
Lower jaw bone – MANDIBLE
Furniture with shelves used to store novels – BOOKCASE
What you may buy as gift when traveling – SOUVENIR
Computer key to make life easier – SHORTCUT
Chiropractors, masseuses relieve this – BACKPAIN
He lives with the lost boys in Neverland – PETERPAN
Paul Thomas __, director of Magnolia – ANDERSON

Group 7 Puzzle 5

Hong Kong airline owned by Cathay Pacific – DRAGONAIR
Scheming, dishonest – DECEPTIVE
Cannot be described in words – INEFFABLE
Computer name inspired by a type of apple – MACINTOSH
Formal communications between governments – DIPLOMACY
Dental __ helps the dentist to provide treatment – ASSISTANT
One of the British islands in the Irish sea – ISLEOFMAN
Economic science on international exchange – CAMBISTRY
HBO show about stardom, later a movie – ENTOURAGE
Rapscallion – SCOUNDREL
Period of no more menstruation for a woman – MENOPAUSE