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Crossy Road Unlock All Characters

Crossy Road Unlock cheats and hack. This Crossy Road Characters List and how to Unlock all mystery Characters if you need help. Unlocking any of the characters can be hard so use our walkthrough guide. Our cheats will help you unlock all 8 secret characters, including the latest Chinese New Year update with Cai Shen. This is not a hack, but a video guide that shows you the easiest way achieve the unlockable characters. The game app features 70 characters for you to obtain. The app is developed by Yodo1 Games on Google Play and HIPSTER WHALE on iTunes. The game works with iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android. Our tips and tricks for Crossy Road will help you advance in this fun game. Unlock Crossy Road Mystery Characters by using the guide below. Hope you will enjoy our Crossy Road Unlock All Characters guide.
Crossy Road Unlock All Characters

Crossy Road Unlock All Characters Guide and Walkthrough

Crossy Road Unlock All Characters list will show you the names of the secret mystery characters and where to find them in the video:
☆ Hipster Whale @ 1:42
☆ Gifty @ 2:58
☆ Crab @ 4:44
☆ Drop Bear @ 5:44
☆ Cai Shen @ 7:09
☆ Andy Sum @ 10:19
☆ Ben Weatherall @ 11:27
☆ Matt Hall @ 12:53

If you are not able to watch the YouTube video then use our text guide below on how to unlock these special characters of:
Crossy Road Unlock all 8 mystery characters:
☆ Unlock Hipster Whale (1:42)
– Use a character of your choice and jump on the Hipster Whale three times when you see him swim by in a river. It is really
☆ Unlock Gifty (2:58)
– Use the Festive Chicken and find the Christmas Tree. Keep looking. The fields appear randomly. When you find it, wait a bit until you unlock Gifty the mystery character.
☆ Unlock Crab (4:44)
– Use any character you with and move left to right (from side to side) a lot of times. Might be around 40 or 50 times. Then get a score above 40, and you will unlock Crab, another Mystery Character of the game Crossy Road.
☆ Unlock Drop Bear (5:44)
Use an Australian animal and try to find him. Australian animals can be the following: Emu, Cockatoo, Dingo, Koala, Wombat, Kookaburra, Echidna, Platypus or Kangaroo.
Move close to the drop bear and he will drop on you. It will kill you, but you will unlock the Drop Bear for Crossy Road.
☆ Unlock Cai Shen (7:09)
Use the Fortune Chicken or XI and collect the red envelopes. You need 20 in total. It does not need to be in the same run, so take your time.
Game Developer characters:
☆ Unlock Andy Sum (10:19)
Use the Mallard and get a “Great Score”
☆ Unlock Ben Weatherall (11:27)
Use the Dark Lord and get a “Great Score”
☆ Unlock Matt Hall (12:53)
Use the Lucky Cat and get a “Great Score”
We will update this Crossy Road characters list with new information on any new characters added to the game app Crossy Road in the future.

Hope you liked our Crossy Road Unlock of all characters.