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How to Cut, Copy, and Paste Files using Keyboard Shortcuts

How to Cut, Copy, and Paste Files. Learn basic keyboard Shortcuts to Copy or Cut files or folders and other file types etc. you want to paste in another location in Windows and iOS. Shortcuts are combinations of keys that can be used instead of your mouse. It can be faster and increase your productivity. You might know the Ctrl+C shortcut to copy files, folder or text, you have highlighted. The shortcut is faster than → Right click → File menu → Copy.

Cut, Copy, and Paste Files in Windows

Move Files and Folders using Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows. Select the files you want to cut, then press the shortcut key Ctrl+X to cut files. The files are then moved to the Clipboard until you paste (Ctrl+V) them somewhere else. So just choose the destination folder and press the keys Ctrl+V to paste the files. The files are now in your desired folder. Below are some basic commands you can we find useful:

Basic commands

Cut, Copy, and Paste Files are basic commands in the Windows operating system (OS). Regular PC users might the tips and tricks above, but there are also new PC users who are searching for a way to cut, copy or paste using a mouse or a keyboard.

Difference Between Cutting and Copying something

When you cut and paste an image, picture, photo or text, you move the files to your clipboard, and copying will create a duplicate. In the clipboard you can paste to any location on your PC. Cut when you want to move stuff and copy to multiply things. Cutting the files is just like cutting text in a document. The above applies to: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and iOS.

Cut, Copy, and Paste Files in iOS Mac

Same Procedure as Last Year :) – To Cut, Copy and paste, select your files and use Command+X to cut, Command+C to copy, then Command+V to paste where you want the files to be. Some might know the shortcuts as ⌘-X → cut, ⌘-C → copy and ⌘-V → paste .