Despicable Me Minion Rush Gift Codes

Are you playing Despicable Me – Minion Rush by Gameloft?
Maybe you wish to get some more out of the game.
Then just follow this guide, and you will receive some free costumes and other perks!
First of all you’ll need to find the place to enter the Gift Codes.
From the start screen click: Options.
Then click the gift logo in the top of the screen.
This combination will give you a free Referee Costume:
Minion rush 1
This combination will give you the Kung Fu Taunt:
This combination will grant you x5 Banana Perks:
minion rush 3
This will bring you the Laughing Taunt:
minion rush 4
And finally this will give you x5 Score Perks:
minion rush 5
Enjoy! Any questions? Ask them in the comments section below!