Dingbats – Between the lines Answers All Levels

Dingbats – Between the lines Answers, Solutions and Cheats All Levels. One puzzle, one phrase to solve. Identity the meaning hidden behind each drawing. You can ask for clues or find help below.
New dingbats are regularly added to the game. A lot of the puzzles are based on British sayings.
A game quiz app by Romain Lebouc. You can download the game on iTunes and Google Play.

Dingbats – Between the lines Answers All Levels

Recognize or learn new idioms through the levels of the game.

Between the lines level 1 answers:

1. long time no see
2. leave no stone unturned
3. all for one and one for all
4. wolf in sheep’s clothing
5. forgive and forget
6. lone wolf
7. pie in the sky
8. in the middle of nowhere
9. a drop in the ocean
10. bury your head in the sand
11. have eyes bigger than one’s stomach
12. fortune teller
13. every dog has its day
14. fork in the road
15. kiss and make up
16. search high and low
17. different strokes for different folks
18. broken promise
19. standing ovation
20. a cut above the rest
21. a spell of bad weather

Between the lines level 2 answers:

1. read Between the lines
2. put it in writing
3. stepfather
4. life begins at forty
5. just in time
6. color inside the line
7. bottomless pit
8. one foot in the grave
9. a storm in a teacup
10. every cloud has a silver lining
11. one step forward two steps back
12. missing in action
13. mixed feelings
14. altar boy
15. thinking outside the box
16. all roads lead to Rome
17. arm in arm
18. tongue in cheek
19. play on words
20. middle age spread
21. going in circles

Between the lines level 3 answers:

1. eleventh hour
2. break a leg!
3. an eye for an eye
4. have the last word
5. beat around the bush
6. put two and two together
7. back-seat driver
8. within reason
9. under false pretenses
10. love is blind
11. take from the rich and give to the poor
12. cannot see the wood for the trees
13. the thin end of the wedge
14. dash someone’s hopes
15. a bee in your bonnet
16. cry all the way to the bank
17. the best is yet to come
18. cut corners
19. odds-on favorite
20. have two left feet
21. safety in numbers

Between the lines level 4 answers:

1. fed up to the back teeth
2. role reversal
3. short end of the stick
4. shrinking violet
5. calculated risk
6. turn a blind eye
7. monkey on your back
8. let the cat out of the bag
9. cross fingers
10. honor among thieves
11. an outside chance
12. what goes up must come down
13. two peas in a pod
14. have eyes in the back of head
15. pain in the neck
16. once in a lifetime
17. go up in smoke
18. big fish in a small pond
19. six feet underground
20. broken heart
21. the drinks are on the house

Between the lines level 5 answers:

1. back to square one
2. head in the clouds
3. hole in one
4. wet behind the ears
5. womens intuition
6. as bold as brass
7. history repeats itself
8. act out of character
9. bits and bobs
10. ants in pants
11. family tree
12. a snake in the grass
13. it’s the thought that counts
14. unfinished business
15. water under the bridge
16. rule of thumb
17. first among equals
18. to be or not to be that is the question
19. the missing link
20. day in day out
21. to have stars in one’s eyes

Between the lines level 6 answers:

1. pay through the nose
2. shadow cabinet
3. the four corners of the earth
4. big things comes in small packages
5. the dust settles
6. short back and sides
7. go down in history
8. living on a knife edge
9. generation gap
10. pat on the back
11. can’t spell for toffee
12. forty-niners
13. where there’s a will there’s a way
14. one in a million
15. too funny for words
16. birds and the bees
17. fat chance
18. the beginning of the end
19. all hands-on deck
20. a little rough around the edges
21. last but not least

Between the lines level 7 answers:

1. a bunch of fives
2. alter ego
3. a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
4. making ends meet
5. look out for number one
6. look on the bright side
7. bending the rules
8. break the ice
9. through thick and thin
10. one good turn deserves another
11. long arm of the law
12. home is where the heart is
13. stand on ceremony
14. skate on thin ice
15. forever and ever
16. to hell and back
17. many are called but few are chosen
18. fall from grace
19. bend over backwards
20. piggy in the middle
21. left right and center

Between the lines level 8 answers:

1. right under the nose
2. see eye to eye
3. all in all
4. high stakes
5. off to the side
6. a shot in the dark
7. stretch the truth
8. too little too late
9. without a shadow of a doubt
10. have one’s fingers in many pies
11. the last straw
12. many happy returns
13. uncle Sam wants you
14. belly up
15. forever and a day
16. caught in the act
17. open and shut case
18. hot under the collar
19. poles apart
20. on the right side of the law
21. put a sock in it

Between the lines level 9 answers:

1. a dark horse
2. a sight for sore eyes
3. six of one half a dozen of the other
4. two wrongs don’t make a right
5. fifty-fifty chance
6. easy money
7. one thing after another
8. there is a black sheep in every family
9. make a long story short
10. rock star
11. third time lucky
12. be on cloud nine
13. the long and the short of it
14. light at the end of the tunnel
15. a sting in the tail
16. do more harm than good
17. a leap in the dark
18. blood is thicker than water
19. the end of one’s rope
20. there are two sides to every story
21. pay over the odds

Between the lines level 10 answers:

1. cry over spilled milk
2. corner the market
3. like a headless chicken
4. a life of ease
5. monkey around
6. the odd one out
7. separate the men from the boys
8. flat broke
9. walk on water
10. forked tongue
11. inflated ego
12. a mixed bag
13. there is a fine line between love and hate
14. blind ambition
15. once bitten twice shy
16. five o’clock shadow
17. sail under false colors
18. nobody is above the law
19. running on empty
20. world without end
21. three-ring circus

Between the lines level 11 answers:

1. a hidden agenda
2. top of the heap
3. turn over a new leaf
4. a month of Sundays
5. in one ear and out the other
6. make a beeline
7. a slice of life
8. lead-pipe cinch
9. take it the wrong way
10. friends in high places
11. in hot water
12. business before pleasure
13. make a mountain out of a molehill
14. nerves on edge
15. diamond in the rough
16. forbidden fruit
17. a rising tide lifts all boats
18. bottom of the barrel
19. hang on every word
20. a hill of beans
21. when push comes to shove

Between the lines level 12 answers:

1. a lost cause
2. kill time
3. several irons in the fire
4. odds and ends
5. have one’s ducks in a row
6. break the bank
7. a round of applause
8. be in the eye of the storm
9. pocket change
10. the plot thickens
11. top secret
12. throw in the towel
13. sign on the dotted line
14. bite the dust
15. bags under eyes
16. short of breath
17. skinny dipping
18. lead a double life
19. a narrow escape
20. more often than not
21. kick upstairs

Between the lines level 13 answers:

1. no half measures
2. cut the mustard
3. lie in wait
4. take it out of the equation
5. the start of something big
6. no u turn
7. a bit on the side
8. close-knit community
9. out of date
10. put the cat among the pigeons
11. split-second timing
12. up for grabs
13. the home stretch
14. short-change
15. too big for your boots
16. tall dark and handsome
17. in for a penny in for a pound
18. a clerical error
19. rub the wrong way
20. over my dead body
21. return to sender

Between the lines level 14 answers:

1. running on empty
2. cash cow
3. turn back the clock
4. united we stand divided we fall
5. just the tip of the iceberg
6. breaking news
7. circle the wagons
8. burn the midnight oil
9. close call
10. online shopping
11. grab the bull by its horns
12. bark up the wrong tree
13. break even
14. cornerstone
15. shape up or ship out
16. button one’s lip
17. dot one’s i’s and cross one’s it’s
18. a piece of the pie
19. line up in alphabetical order
20. underdog
21. pull someone’s leg

Between the lines movies | tv answers:

1. breaking bad
2. first blood
3. doctor Dolittle
4. gone in sixty seconds
5. lost in translation
6. nine and half weeks
7. the Simpsons
8. back to the future
9. little house on the prairie
10. high noon
11. the fifth element
12. a fistful of dollars
13. top gun
14. sixth sense
15. house of cards
16. the green mile
17. American pie
18. prison break
19. little big man
20. endless love
21. the price is right
22. born on the fourth of July
23. hijacking
24. wheel of fortune
25. the pelican brief
26. a girl in every port
27. behind enemy lines
28. room for one more

Between the lines I go there answers:

1. Eiffel tower
2. Bermuda triangle
3. Death Valley
4. Niagara Falls
5. Trafalgar square
6. west indies
7. tower of London
8. long island
9. Kennedy space center
10. Tennessee
11. the united states
12. Noah’s ark

Between the lines swallow it answers:

1. low fat milk
2. ice cube
3. lemonade
4. banana split
5. mixed vegetables
6. split pea soup
7. syrup
8. mayonnaise
9. potatoes
10. scrambled eggs
11. seven up can
12. clams on the half shell
13. pigs in blankets
14. spinach
15. green tea

Between the lines color fun answers:

1. green with envy
2. a red-letter day
3. blue blood
4. purple prose
5. between the devil and the deep blue sea
6. gray matter
7. have green fingers
8. red in the face
9. crossing of the red sea
10. black and white movie
11. once in a blue moon
12. pinky ring

Between the lines sport | game answers:

1. tennis ball
2. half time
3. dominoes
4. seven ten split
5. touchdown
6. space invaders
7. parallel bars
8. quarterback
9. seventh inning stretch
10. ping pong
11. high jump
12. finish line
13. mixed doubles
14. three-point shot

Between the lines people answers:

1. robin hood
2. first lady
3. the three musketeers
4. long john silver
5. the iron lady
6. the three wise men
7. count Dracula
8. captain hook
9. the invisible man
10. louis the fourteenth

Between the lines music answers:

1. message in a bottle
2. unfinished symphony
3. Jennifer Lopez
4. tea for two and two for tea
5. bloody Sunday
6. both sides now
7. don’t look back in anger
8. burning love
9. frank Sinatra
10. singing the blues
11. bridge over troubled waters
12. Ringo Starr
13. wind beneath my wings

Between the lines book answers:

1. three men in a boat
2. the count of monte Cristo
3. nineteen eighty-four
4. the cat in the hat
5. three blind mice
6. around the world in eighty days
7. the last of the Mohicans
8. Oliver twist

Between the lines your puzzles 1 answers:

1. a round of drinks
2. sail the seven seas
3. birds of a feather flock together
4. honor among thieves
5. devil in disguise
6. an eye for an eye
7. be on the tip of your tongue
8. first aid
9. easier said than done
10. mood swing
11. mixed fortunes
12. there’s no I in team
13. Coldplay
14. hole in the wall
15. a good man is hard to find
16. a foot in the door
17. a little knowledge is a dangerous thing
18. you are out of control
19. in like a lion out like a lamb
20. Tina turner
21. an apple a day keeps the doctor away
22. busy as a bee

Between the lines your puzzles 2 answers:

1. it’s all Greek to me
2. a penny for your thoughts
3. the never-ending story
4. get up on the wrong side of bed
5. it takes two to tango
6. actions speak louder than words
7. cut to the chase
8. piece of cake
9. mother in law
10. the grass is always greener on the other side
11. time flies when you’re having fun
12. kill two birds with one stone
13. lost in the mists of time
14. don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched
15. better the devil you know
16. one direction
17. cost an arm and a leg
18. Eminem
19. with half a heart
20. age is just a number
21. spread one’s wings

Between the lines your puzzles 3 answers:

1. high five
2. x marks the spot
3. love is in the air
4. many hands make light work
5. holy water
6. it’s a small world after all
7. better safe than sorry
8. eye of the tiger
9. missing in action
10. the devil is in the detail
11. not playing with a full deck
12. split decision
13. easy on the eyes
14. easy as one two three
15. head over heels in love
16. raining cats and dogs
17. no entry
18. a grave error
19. fall flat
20. number ten downing street
21. nine to five

Between the lines your puzzles 4 answers:

1. cross the line
2. burn the candle at both ends
3. double-edged sword
4. the lion king
5. pin the tail on the donkey
6. west side story
7. the black-eyed peas
8. easy as pie
9. overworked and underpaid
10. left out in the cold
11. get one’s knickers in a twist
12. two heads are better than one
13. thick as thieves
14. to infinity and beyond
15. pull the wool over someone’s eyes
16. turtles all the way down
17. mind over matter
18. game of two halves
19. the ball is in someone’s court
20. a tall order
21. turn the tables

Between the lines your puzzles 5 answers:

1. zip one’s lip
2. put one’s money where one’s mouth is
3. a square meal
4. six degree of separation
5. hell on earth
6. ace in the hole
7. I love you to the moon and back
8. go from zero to hero
9. go up in flames
10. count sheep
11. the bottom line
12. lesser of two evils
13. false witness
14. life has its ups and downs
15. walls have ears
16. to be on fire
17. fifteen minutes of fame
18. there are plenty of fish in the sea
19. madly in love
20. Petrolhead
21. a friend in need is a friend indeed

Between the lines health answers:

1. back surgery
2. side stitch
3. balanced diet
4. shortness of breath
5. vitamin a deficiency
6. irregular heartbeat
7. root canal
8. a splitting headache
9. painless operation
10. first aid

Between the lines time | event answers:

1. summer
2. blind date
3. spring break
4. noel
5. happy hour
6. crossing of the red sea