Do Not Believe His Lies Answers

Do Not Believe His Lies, The Unforgiving Riddle. We have gathered all the Do Not Believe His Lies Answers. The game app is developed by theM Dev and available for download on iTunes and Google Play. The game works with Android and iPhone. Only the Weak Give Up. It always seems impossible, until it’s done. Hope you will enjoy our Do Not Believe His Lies (DNBHL) Cheats.
Most of the levels require heavy knowledge of technical and internet stuff, and solving them is extremely difficult. The levels are random on each device, so it’s easier to search for a question on your current level.
Do Not Believe His Lies Answers

Do Not Believe His Lies Answers, Solutions and Cheats All Levels

Do Not Believe His Lies Answers Levels 1-50:
DNBHL Level 1
There is a faint phrase on top: “THE FIRST TIME”, tap “Enter Code” and enter that phrase.
DNBHL Level 2
The is is Morse code and it’s translations is “I SAW HIM THERE”.
DNBHL Level 3
If you print that image, cut it into pieces you can solve the puzzle, it says “I WAS JUST A CHILD”.
DNBHL Level 4
Make a screenshot and you will be able to read the text: “HE KEEPS SHOWING UP”.
DNBHL Level 5
You will find the clues outside the triangle, they will give you the answer: “IN MY DREAMS”.
DNBHL Level 6
This one is also Morse Code, but this time you have to listen to it. It says: “I CANNOT ESCAPE HIM NOW”
DNBHL Level 7
This one is a QR Code, if you scan it you will see the answer: “HE IS WATCHING YOU”.
DNBHL Level 8
The blinking pieces make this phrase “PLEASE HELP ME”.
DNBHL Level 9
After it fully loads a video will start playing. You will find the answer in the bottom right corner at about 28 second mark. It says “I AM SCARED”.
DNBHL Level 10
This one is a Magic Eye/Autostereogram picture and it says “I HATE ME”.
DNBHL Level 11
Another Morse Code level, this one says: “I HAVE TO GO NOW”.
DNBHL Level 12
This is a variation of Morse Code. You have to divide the alphabet in 6 parts, each containing 5 letters. The first dot is telling you the section number and the second group of dots tells you the number of the letter.
For the first word:
(. ..) – “.” means first group of letters “ABCDE”; “..” means the second letter “B”.
(. …..) – “.” means first group of letters “ABCDE”
“…..” means the fifth letter “E”.
So the first word is “BE”.
Solving the rest of the code will give you this answer: “BE CAREFUL FRIEND”
DNBHL Level 13
This is a language called “BrainF***”, after you translate it you will get this phrase: “GIVE UP NOW”.
DNBHL Level 14
You have to go see the app in the App Store/Google Play and look at the screenshot that says only “Do Not Believe His Lies”, you will have to turn the brightness to the maximum and you will see a spider and a spiderweb. The answer is “SPIDER WEB”.
DNBHL Level 15
The Pi value is the clue, and the “B” is the first letter of the answer. If you go on the map and make a circle that corsses trough Koln Germany, Milano Italy and Poznan Poland you will also find out that it crosses “BUDAPEST HUNGARY” also.
DNBHL Level 16
Follow that mirrored link to Reddit: and you will see the solution: “I AM STILL HERE”
DNBHL Level 17
This is a painting made by Henry Fuseli called “THE NIGHTMARE”.
DNBHL Level 18
This one is in a language called Esperanto. The numbers you hear are: “Kvin – Nau – Dekses – Deksep – Dudekkvar – Kvardektri” and they make the solution when translated: “5916172443”.
DNBHL Level 19
Focus only on the letters that stick out and you will get the solution: “LESS IS MORE”.
DNBHL Level 20
The image shows the constellation called “URSA MAJOR”.
DNBHL Level 22
Still chemestry in this one. You have to find the elements that have those atomic weights.
He = 4.002602
I = 126.90447
C = 12.0107
U = 238.0289
Putting them together will give you the solution: “HE HE HE I C U”
DNBHL Level 23
The level says “Inside the box” and the answer is “NOT EXPECTED”.
DNBHL Level 24
The word “KOSTEL” means “Church” and the “Inner further facts” refers to your bones, so the solution is “CHURCH OF BONES”.
DNBHL Level 25
This is a hard one, you will have to know which keys are pressed when the piano plays. The answer is “DEFACED CAFE”.
DNBHL Level 26
This one only says “You’ve got Mail”. If you search for the audio file you will see that it has ID3 Tags and they say:
Composer: Judysmith
Title: 6666
Album:@+16502530000 (this is google and youtube phone number)
Put them all together to get a email address “[email protected]
Send a email to that address and you will get a replay in a couple of minutes with the answer: “IS IT YOU MOM”
DNBHL Level 27
1049410800 is a date in UNIX time stamp, which converts into 03 Apr 2003. Now you have to use Wayback Machine to see how looked on 03 Apr 2003. Now look at the bottom of the page and you will see this news title: “NHL: Burning Questions” so “Burning Questions” is the solution.
DNBHL Level 28
Those symbols are written in Semaphore language, and the translation is ALL IS LOST.
DNBHL Level 29
Listen Netsil Transcribe? You have to listen the numbers spoken backwards, and they are also in multiple languages :). The solution is 12349996238444..
DNBHL Level 30
For a fraction of second two phrases appear in the top and bottom of the screen, you will have to turn the brightness to maximum to spot them. The words are “d.o.c.t.o.r.” and “Shaye Saint John”. Shaye Saint John is a model who had an accident and undergone surgery done by Dr. Sam Loopis. So the solution is “LOOPIS”.
DNBHL Level 31
There are blinking dots under some of the letters, they spell “I LIKE YOU”.
DNBHL Level 32
This is a barcode, you need to use a photo editing software to expand it, than scan it with an barcode scanner app and you will get the answer: “MORE TO COME”.
DNBHL Level 33
00110101001101010011001100110000 00110110001110000011010000110010 00110101001100100011010000110101 00110011001110010011010100111000 00110100001110010011010000110110 00110100001100100011010100110110 00110101001101110011011001100011 00110111001100000011010001100100 00110101001100100011010100110001 00110011011001000011001101100100
You will need to use multiple tools to decode this message:
1. First convert Binary to TEXT (553068425245395849464256576c704d52513d3d)
2. Now convert Hex to ASCII (U0hBRE9XIFBVWlpMRQ==)
3. And finally Base64 Decode
And you will get the answer “SHADOW PUZZLE”.
DNBHL Level 34
Share that image on Twitter and you will see the answer: “THE WRONG WAY”.
DNBHL Level 35
There are a few dots of different colors, you have to find the color code for them. The solution is “ac00ac7000ace800e7ac0055″
DNBHL Level 36
Follow the link and listen to the video. The answer is “SHEPARD”.
DNBHL Level 37
LegendaryForwards was right all along. The answer is “IT IS ALL IN VAIN MY LORD”. A complicated one… read if you want explanations.
DNBHL Level 38
Pridie Kalendas Ianvarias MMXV translates to “On the day before January 1st 2015″. Read form more info. The solution is I HAVE SUFFERED ENOUGH.
DNBHL Level 39
This is what you get. The solution is “WE AWAIT YOU AT THE END” and has to do with the symbols at the bottom of the page.
DNBHL Level 40
Another similar level to previous one, it relies on hieroglyphs and it’s translations is “OPEN DOOR AT NIGHT.
DNBHL Level 41
There is a hidden link which will get you to the answer, eventually. The solution is “THE TELL TALE HEART”.
DNBHL Level 42
The answer is “MY MIND IS TUMOR HELP ME FIND IT” and you can enter it only when the time is right.
DNBHL Level 43
DNBHL Level 44
DNBHL Level 45
Answer: “ONE ANGEL”
DNBHL Level 46
DEVIL DOOR DEATH; written in square Aramaic
DNBHL Level 47
P.S. No one said it was easy.