Dog Genius Answers All Levels

Dog Genius Answers, Solutions and Cheats for Android and iPhone (iOS). If you are stuck on a picture puzzle, then use our guide. This game app challenges you dog lovers to recognize different dogs using clues. So can you solve all the puzzle.
Dog Genius features original handcrafted puzzles waiting to be solved. The game app Dog Genius – photo trivia game with funny pic of puppy in makeup and costume is available on iTunes and Google Play. Hope you will enjoy our Dog Genius Answers. Everyone solves puzzles differently. Dog Genius offers two different ways for you to get back on track. Pick up some general knowledge about the answer by using “Secrets”, remove incorrect letters with “Remove Letters”, or use the “Reveal Letters” to figure out the right word. If all else fails, users can always “Ask a Friend” on Facebook or use our incredible Dog Genius Answers.
Dog Genius Answers

Dog Genius Answers, Solutions and Cheats All Levels

Dog Genius Answers Levels 1-20:
Level 1: Pug
Level 2: Chihuahua
Level 3: Labrador
Level 4: Husky
Level 5: Bulldog
Level 6: Shibu
Level 7: Dachshund
Level 8: Mastiff
Level 9: Corgi
Level 10: Poodle
Level 11: Akita
Level 12: Chow Chow
Level 13: Boxer
Level 14: Mountain Dog
Level 15: Collie
Level 16: Pomeranian
Level 17: Schnauzer
Level 18: Rottweiler
Level 19: Wire Fox Terrier
Level 20: Tibetan Mastiff