Emoji Movie Guess Answers All Levels

Are you looking for Emoji Movie Guess Answers? We got them for you. This game has been created by ThinkCube Inc. for iPhone and iPad and can be downloaded for free from AppStore/iTunes.
The game is pretty straight forward, which of course also makes it so easy to get on and just play.
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Emoji Movie Guess Answers

Emoji Movie Guess Answers and Solutions

Emoji Movie Guess Answers Level 1-50:
Level 1: Et
Level 2: Puss In Boots
Level 3: Life Of Pi
Level 4: American Pie
Level 5: Avatar
Level 6: Finding Nemo
Level 7: French Kiss
Level 8: Skyfall
Level 9: Snakes On A Plane
Level 10: The Lion King
Level 11: Chicken Run
Level 12: Princess Bride
Level 13: Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Level 14: Lincoln
Level 15: Seven
Level 16: Stuart Little
Level 17: King Kong
Level 18: Sleeping Beauty
Level 19: Alice In Wonderland
Level 20: Speed
Level 21: Fantastic Four
Level 22: Kiss Of The Dragon
Level 23: Driving Miss Daisy
Level 24: Legally Blonde
Level 25: Water World
Level 26: Cinderella
Level 27: Accepted
Level 28: Lord Of The Rings
Level 29: The X Files
Level 30: Gone With The Wind
Level 31: Underworld
Level 32: Top Gun
Level 33: A Bugs Life
Level 34: Twilight
Level 35: Tom And Jerry
Level 36: Ice Age
Level 37: The Breakfast Club
Level 38: End Of Watch
Level 39: Silence Of The Lambs
Level 40: This Is England
Level 41: Home Alone
Level 42: Chucky
Level 43: Catwoman
Level 44: Angel Face
Level 45: The Princess Diaries
Level 46: No Pain No Gain
Level 47: Dude Wheres My Car
Level 48: Flight
Level 49: War Witch
Level 50: Amour
Emoji Movie Guess Answers Level 51-100:
Level 51: The Lone Ranger
Level 52: Piranha
Level 53: Paranormal Activity
Level 54: The Princess And The Frog
Level 55: Tokyo Drift
Level 56: Moneyball
Level 57: Singing In The Rain
Level 58: Scary Movie
Level 59: The Ghost Ship
Level 60: Grown Ups
Level 61: Bee Movie
Level 62: Corpse Bridge
Level 63: Fiddler On The Roof
Level 64: 12 Angry Men
Level 65: Twelve Monkeys
Level 66: Mosters Inc
Level 67: 13 Going On 30
Level 68: The Horse Whisperer
Level 69: The Blair Witch Project
Level 70: Monsters University
Level 71: Men In Black
Level 72: Cowboys And Aliens
Level 73: Little Miss Sunshine
Level 74: Breakfast At Tiffanys
Level 75: Predators
Level 76: The Elephant Man
Level 77: The Polar Express
Level 78: The Notebook
Level 79: Burn After Reading
Level 80: Nine Queens
Level 81: Fido Dido
Level 82: Domo
Level 83: Stan Marsh
Level 84: Bender
Level 85: Kyle Broflovski
Level 86: Rosey
Level 87: Oscar The Grouch
Level 88: Lisa Simpson
Level 89: Riddler
Level 90: Bumblebee
Level 91: Blossom
Level 92: Bubbles
Level 93: Buttercup
Level 94: Leela
Level 95: Brian Griffin
Level 96: Meg Griffin
Level 97: Jake
Level 98: Danbo
Level 99: Mike Wazowski
Level 100: Cyclops
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