Emoji Toons Level 81-100 Solutions and Answers

Emoji Toons
Looking for answers for level 81-100 of the game Emoji Toons by Digital Click?
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In this game you’ll get a riddle of emojis and you’ll have to guess what toon(s) the developer is looking for.
Level 81: Snow White
Level 82: Lilo & Stitch
Level 83: Dog City
Level 84: Dumbo
Level 85: Duck Tales
Level 86: Twelve Months
Level 87: Shrek
Level 88: Ali Baba
Level 89: Cinderella
Level 90: Lucky Luke
Level 91: The Smurfs
Level 92: Despicable Me
Level 93: The Ugly Duckling
Level 94: Nine
Level 95: The Animatrix
Level 96: Happy Feet
Level 97: Ninja Turtles
Level 98: Treasure Island
Level 99: Corpse Bride
Level 100: Tinker Bell